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Copyediting is designed for quality-conscious ESL authors who require a thorough and complete language check for their manuscripts. Copyediting editors examine the entire manuscript taking into account all aspects of English language usage, spelling, and grammar. The average Copyediting editor has 19.4 years’ experience in his or her field.

Our professional Copyediting service is reasonably priced and delivers an edited paper that is publishable in both low- and high-impact factor SCI indexed journals. We also ensure that the manuscript adheres to all required journal guidelines.

When you select our English Copyediting service, your manuscript is edited using a two-step process. First, it is edited by one of our skilled subject and language experts. It is then handed over to a proofreader and language reviewer for crosschecking. This ensures that even the smallest of grammatical mistakes are discovered and corrected. Our manuscript Copyediting is so thorough; we confidently offer a 100% Language Accuracy.

Our Editing Guarantee

If your paper is rejected due to poor English after it has been through our research paper Copyediting service, we will edit it for free, unconditionally. View Samples

What does Copyediting cover?

In addition to all the service checkpoints covered under Language Check, our professional Copyediting service offers 2 additional aspects, viz. 100% Language Accuracy and a Journal Check (that covers journal formatting and Word count reduction). Here, 2 editors work on the document followed by a quick review. You also get access to our "Unmatched Post-editorial Support" which includes 60-day unlimited free Editing. The following parameters are included:

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Copyediting Samples

Listed below are few sample papers edited under the Copyediting:

Neuroscience View sample Microbiology View sample
Cardiology View sample
Physical Chemistry View sample Organic Chemistry View sample
Mechanical Engineering View sample
Corporate Finance View sample Management View sample
Economics View sample
Psychology View sample Linguistics View sample
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"What are the overall chances of my paper getting published? What could I possibly do to further boost my publication prospects? Are there areas I can improve upon to be a better writer in future?” – The answer to all these questions is our Manuscript Rate Card service (MRC):
  • An editor who works on your manuscript rates it on a scale of 1-5 to indicate how close it is to getting published. The rating parameters include grammar, language, and academic writing style.
  • The expert provides you with valuable tips and suggestions to enhance your manuscript
  • He also recommends useful resources (websites and books) to help you upgrade your writing skills for future