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MB516, Philippines
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
After years of correspondence with Enago, my work experience has been phenomenal. Responsive staff and comprehensive style guides have certainly made freelance work much easier. Apart from the relatively consistent workload throughout my tenure, the ever-helpful project officers are there to assist and advise on deadline extensions and negotiations whenever necessary. Moreover, assignments are matched with the area of expertise, which certainly helps maintain overall quality.

I believe that feedback is always an important part of any industry. Enago’s feedback mechanism ensures not only quality control but also professional growth. I have been fortunate enough to have received adequate feedback, from which I have continued to learn and grow professionally. Moreover, the quality team has shown excellent subject-matter expertise and overall competence in handling and reviewing files.

The highlight of my experience with Enago has been the flexibility of time. I have been able to plan other activities around my work schedule, which frees up more time for family and friends. Consequently, I can keep a positive attitude each time I work on a file, which keeps things fresh and interesting. Moreover, the payment set-up is fairly straightforward.

Enago has given me the opportunity to experience comprehensive pay with flexible work scheduling — every freelancer’s dream. This is precisely why I plan on committing to a long-term relationship with the company. I have recommended a few academic colleagues, some of whom are already with Enago, and will continue to recommend Enago to qualified individuals. I hope to build a lasting relationship with the company moving forward.
PSE986, Italy
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
The Enago editing team is always extremely helpful and rapidly responsive. Since you can select the areas of expertise when joining Enago as a freelance editor, you mostly receive assignments that are well-matched with your specialization.

However, for every assignment, there is the possibility of rejecting it and specifying the reason as well as providing feedback about the subject matters one is interested in and comfortable with. The feedback procedure is a very useful aspect for freelancers, and the mechanism adopted at Enago is quite smooth and simple, working both ways.

The invoicing procedure for Enago’s freelancers is simple and efficient, and the payments are always on time. The procedure of assignment offering and availability scheduling allows great flexibility in workload and working hours. You are the one who decides the workload, and you can always adjust/modify it based on your other commitments.

This means that, based on your availability, the amount of work can be consistent and, thus, potentially constitute a complete monthly income. In conclusion, I am happy to be a member of Enago’s editing team and look forward to many more fruitful years with the company.
PSE102, United States
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
Having edited scientific papers for Enago for more than eight years, my experience is based on my long term relationship with Enago. Although faces and names change over time, the Enago team has always been unfailingly professional, warm, personable, and effective.

Each manager works hard to respond to every challenge encountered by the freelancers. They are available day and night, so there is never any problem despite our opposite time zones. The chat feature on the website is invaluable, making it possible to address issues quickly and efficiently. I can’t say enough about the Project Management team. They are always a great bunch, each one striving to help and respond to queries or difficulties with an assignment. The Quality Assurance team also strives to provide guidance for the work the Enago editors are asked to do. I have always found the Enago personnel to be exceptional and fun to work with!
MB1721, United States
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I’ve been a freelance editor with Enago for almost a year. The application process for freelance editing was straightforward, and the communication about being hired was clear and quick.

I came to Enago after working as the exclusive copyeditor and layout editor with an online journal for almost 10 years. I enjoy the flexibility that Enago gives to accept assignments as per your availability and the consistency with which work is offered. Enago provides a good volume of editing assignments in a range of topic areas that allow you to work at least part-time, depending on your experience level. Unlike other editing opportunities I’ve had, Enago allows you to preview the article before you accept it to ensure you are comfortable with the subject matter and level of writing. The staff is available to chat via the online platform at any time and answer questions you may have about specific assignments or the availability of assignments. They offer an extensive style guide to refer to as you work as well as ongoing continuing education webinars to help hone your skills.

The invoicing procedure is easy, and payment is made on time. The payment for most articles is good; it depends on the level of English and whether or not the client is requesting formatting and a cover letter as well. Overall, Enago offers challenging and rewarding work for editors who are looking for a flexible schedule.
MB1700, Australia
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
Since being approached by Enago to join their editorial team, they have been a pleasure to work with. The recruitment process was easy to follow, and Enago offered plenty of support along the way. I thoroughly enjoy working for Enago helping second-language English speakers publish their valuable research in top scientific journals.

Accepting, editing, and submitting assignments is made easy by Enago’s exceptionally user-friendly platform and processes, and the team is always available on the Chat function to answer any questions. I really appreciate the flexibility and the lead times given, which make deadlines easily achievable. The rates are fair, the invoicing process is simple, and payments are always made on time.

What especially sets Enago apart from other freelance job sites is the consistent high frequency of assignments on offer. Even during the COVID-19 crisis, there has been more than enough work to keep my freelance business going. The high quality of the assignments on offer is another crucial factor. I find the assignments interesting, and I love that I am always learning while I’m editing as the research is cutting-edge.

Team Enago is friendly, helpful, and approachable while maintaining a thoroughly professional approach to the business. The continued support, advice, and constructive feedback I have received from the team have been great. I have picked up many useful pointers to improve my scientific editing skills.

I would highly recommend Enago to other freelancers (and have done so already). I am very happy to be a part of this vibrant, dynamic company, and I hope to continue working for them for many years to come.
BH1674, Malawi
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I got the opportunity to join Enago after applying to an online job advertisement. Throughout the freelancer application process, the Contract Management team was professional and helpful, providing me with all the information I required to finalize matters and readily answered any questions I had along the way.

One of the aspects I am grateful for is that I was never thrown into the deep end when it came to accomplishing assignments. I was always provided the time to ease into the workflow and understand how Enago operates. When you receive assignments, you are not compelled to take on every task. You are encouraged first to skim an incoming assignment, assess it, and then respond within a good time whether or not you are capable of working on the assignment. The most important thing for Enago is not getting through as many documents as you can, but providing clients with quality edits that they are totally satisfied with.

Furthermore, the assignments come with feedback from Team Enago. This presents freelancers with a great opportunity for growth as professional editors and a chance to improve where required.

Part of the challenge in being a freelancer is managing your time to be available for work while simultaneously tackling the responsibilities present in your life. For this reason, it is an incredible bonus that the consistency of work offered by Enago is excellent. Compared to past work I have experienced, being a freelance copy-editor for Enago provides a steady stream of work each month, instead of heavy fluctuations that typically plague other industries or companies.

In my time working with Enago, I have found the different teams and departments very helpful, knowledgeable, and patient. I’ve interacted specifically with the Editors, Accounts, and Contract Management teams, and each engagement has been a delight. I have been very happy with this experience, and I look forward to further collaboration and work with Enago.
PSE1706, Nigeria
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have had the pleasure of working with Enago as an expert under the physical science and engineering classification. To the best of my knowledge, Enago accepts only experienced/expert editors. I started as any new editor would, trying to acquaint myself with the workflows and processes, which I must say are flawless. I receive specialized assignments in fields/areas that I am comfortable with or have experience in. I have no problem communicating with the workflow managers if the assignments are not to my liking.

Enago offers competitive industry-standard pay rates, and the payment procedure is seamless. In this regard, Enago stands out. I submit an automated invoice on the first day of the month, and my pay arrives as stipulated in my contract without fail.

The integrated communication channel/chat is always active, and job-related queries are handled in a timely fashion. Assignments are supplied consistently, and all the required information is provided for review before acceptance. Overall, Enago is an amazing company to work with. I look forward to many years of growth and improvement here.
MB1491, United States of America
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have been working as an editor for Enago for a year, and it has been a pleasant and profitable experience overall. The flexibility of the work is outstanding as I am able to accept assignments based on my availability.

The Enago team is very helpful, reasonable and available virtually 24/7. The pay rates are fair and adequate. Enago’s online interface is user-friendly and easily accessible. I highly recommend Enago to those looking to gain some extra money and work as per their own schedule. I have been very happy to work with Enago so far and look forward to continued involvement with this company.
PSE1549, United Kingdom
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
As an academician, I have gained many years of academic editing experience while pursuing teaching and research in a university. I have worked in several universities in the UK and Asia, and I heard about Enago’s services during my work in South Asia. I thoroughly researched about the company and applied to join their editing team so that I could work while I travel.

I find the work to be highly stimulating and varied. I especially focus on editing in the social sciences and some areas of humanities. By working for Enago, I satisfy my desire to continuously learn by reading and editing latest research while being able to offer my English editing skills to support non-native English-speaking academicians publish their valuable research. This is deeply fulfilling for me. I feel proud to work for an organization that is working to actively help non-native English-speaking academicians contribute to international scientific research literature. This thought keeps me going when I am dealing with editing challenges and motivates me to do my best for the academicians concerned.

The project management team is always professional, supportive, and cordial. Feedback is also collaborative, which enables us all to learn from each other. Further, the payment is always on time and I am paid fairly for the work I complete. The automated invoice payment system allows me to verify the invoice in accordance with my work for the month.

The working conditions are highly flexible as they allow me to travel as I work and do not tie me to living in any particular place. I can accept work as per my availability and my leaves are always approved if I give them prior intimation. I enjoy being able to follow my intellectual interests through my work while I learn new languages and immerse myself in new cultural experiences as I travel. If you yearn to be a digital nomad, working for Enago is an option definitely worth considering.

In short, I look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with Enago because the work is highly stimulating and fulfilling and allows me to live the type of life I want to live.
BH360, United Kingdom
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I was initially contacted by a representative from Enago via LinkedIn. Since the time I started working with Enago, I have regularly been receiving assignments. Many of the assignments I receive are related to my field of specialization. On the whole, I find the assignments interesting, as I enjoy reading about current researches.

My queries are generally answered promptly, and I have often used the chat option on Enago’s user interface to ask a question. Feedback is provided from time to time on assignments, and I believe that my scientific editing has improved as a result of this. I think it is good that Enago’s feedback is a two-way mechanism, with editors being encouraged to respond to comments received from the Quality team. The style guide and other documents are also useful for ensuring that editing conforms to the expected standard.

The invoicing system is easy to use, and I have always been paid on time.

The deadlines of the assignments are also reasonable considering the availability and time zones of the editors. In conclusion, I like the flexibility, continuity, and variety of work I receive from Enago and I am happy to be part of Enago’s Editing team.
MB1641, Netherlands
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have enjoyed working with Enago as a editor over the years. I appreciate the flexibility provided by Enago to accept work when I have the time and the lack of pressure to take more work than I can at any given moment. The papers are relevant to my field and the procedures used by Enago are fairly standard across the medical editing industry, so I don’t have to put much extra effort into learning an entirely different system for editing Enago’s assignments.

The papers vary widely in terms of topics and quality of writing. I have received feedback on my edited assignments from the Editing team, and they are generally respectful of my opinion; they sometimes accept my explanations and at times teach me something new.

I particularly like the Project Managers who I can access at any time with questions about an assignment. So far, I have always felt that I have had sufficient time to work on any assignment

The payment is simple and straightforward; each month, the projects I have completed are listed in the Freelancer Portal; I can accept or reject the total invoice and the amount is delivered in just over a month.

Enago offers a convenient, pleasant way to improve one’s editing skills and experience as well as to have an established editing career.
MB1645, United Kingdom
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I began to work for Enago when their recruitment team contacted me on LinkedIn and asked me to attempt a test. A week later, they informed me through email that I had met their quality benchmarks and they would like to have me on board as an editor.

I was sent work a couple of weeks after the on boarding process was complete, and the work has been regular ever since. Communication from Recruitment, the Editing, and the Accounts team is excellent, with emails always being responded within a short time. All my queries are answered, which I have found very useful. The interface (online portal) is also very useful; most of the things you need to know about while working on an assignment are easily accessible and any further questions are answered through the chat box tool, where you can directly speak to members of the Project Management team (there is always someone there to answer your queries). The people who respond on the chat are always friendly, helpful and ready to answer any query.

The feedback that has been given to me has been very useful and has helped me to improve as an editor. My schedule is flexible, and I think this flexibility offered by Enago is invaluable.

Work sent to me is related to my area of expertise, and all articles have been really interesting to read. If I am sent a document that is outside my subject knowledge, it is easy to reject this using the interface and the team is notified well in advance.

The pay is good too. The payment procedure is straightforward and the Accounts department is very helpful and will email you in case of any problems in processing your payment.

All in all, I have found working for Enago to be a very positive experience, with the flexibility being a major factor. The consistency of work has been good too, with the work being sufficient for a steady income.
MB1362, New Zealand
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I discovered ENAGO while researching international companies that hired freelance editors. The recruitment process was straightforward and efficient, and I appreciated the opportunity to demonstrate my expertise to ENAGO through the sample test. I received my first assignment immediately, and further assignments thereafter, and received significant feedback over those first couple of months. Initially I was slightly unnerved by the quantity of feedback, but it was advantageous as I was able to quickly reach ENAGO’s quality standards.

In the months following, my favourite part of working for ENAGO was the autonomy. I was able to adjust my weekly volume of work based on my availability for that week, which was invaluable given my concurrent travels. I was pleasantly surprised at the efficiency of the ENAGO payment system, too; I could trust that I would be paid at the same time each month, with no issues. The introduction of the new invoicing system on the ENAGO platform has been excellent.

The ENAGO project management team is very responsive, which I appreciate, particularly in time-pressured circumstances.

All in all, I have enjoyed my time working at ENAGO and have recommended the company to a number of friends and colleagues and I look forward to receiving more work from ENAGO in the coming months.
MB1525, United States
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have been exceedingly impressed with the level of professionalism at Enago. The recruitment process was exactly as promised, and the team responded to my initial questions almost immediately.

While the deadlines are sometimes challenging, but they are very manageable. Also, Enago sends you a ‘reminder to upload’ email prior to the deadline so there is never a concern about missing the mark!

As for the invoicing, the process is quite easy and in the event that you forget to send the invoice, the online interface does it for you. I have always received my compensation on time.

Overall, the interface is terrifically easy to navigate and provides all the information necessary to work in an efficient manner. While my questions are answered very quickly via email, the interface’s chat function means that I can now get answers in a heartbeat.

In addition, feedback from Enago has been helpful in furthering my skills as an editor. They have a way of providing coaching that greatly encourages editors to be their best.

I am very pleased to be part of the Enago team.
BH1613, United States
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I approached Enago to inquire about working as a freelance editor and was quickly provided with the test documents while I received a prompt response upon completing them.

When I was asked to join Enago, the freelancer quality team immediately provided me with feedback on my test documents. I was invited to choose a broad range of topics with which I felt comfortable working, and I received my first assignments very quickly. I have been able to work very regularly over the course of my tenure with Enago, and I have the freedom to decline assignments any time without any difficulty. I have greatly enjoyed the assignments that I receive, which have always been well-matched to my areas of specialization, and have almost invariably been very interesting to read as well as edit. I also find the payment procedure to be very organized and empowering, because I receive a reminder to complete my invoices, and the company always ensures that our records are in agreement.

One thing that I especially appreciate about working with Enago is the very high level of courtesy that is shown by all the teams. Even when I have made errors on assignments, I have received very constructive and timely feedback. Moreover, the freelancer quality team never hesitate to provide purely positive feedback when I have performed well, which is highly appreciated. I cannot express how glad I am to be working with Enago.
PSE1662, France
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I applied to Enago by sending a spontaneous application. When replying, the Enago recruitment team was incredibly polite and helpful. They sent me a sample document to edit as a test to see how I handled editing documents written by scientists whose mother tongue is not English. The process was very smooth, and throughout it all, the Enago team was kind, helpful, and very quick when responding to questions and other administrative tasks.

After I completed the required paperwork, which was quite easy and straightforward as it was mostly all online, I was immediately registered in the system, had my account details and could login to my online account without any problems. Soon after, I was sent my first assignment and began to work on it. The Project Management team is very helpful, organized, and everything within the system is very efficient. You directly know when you have an assignment, you are able to review the potential assignment, and then decide whether or not you have the required knowledge to do this assignment or ask for additional time to complete the assignment.

The Freelance Quality Team provides incredibly useful feedback on your edits, not by criticizing you, but by trying to help you improve as a Freelance Editor yourself, which will simultaneously improve the quality of work that you provide for Enago. I find this incredibly helpful and have already noticed an increase in the quality of my writing and editing because of it. All the people in the recruitment, project management and feedback quality teams are patient, which says a lot especially since we are interacting with people from all over the world and in different time zones.

The payment system is quite straightforward and easy to manage.

Overall, I am happy to be a member of Enago’s editing team, and look forward to working closely with everyone on the Enago team to provide high quality professional English language editing services.
MB1359, United States
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I contacted a representative from Enago who was looking for freelance editors through LinkedIn. She was very professional, and the application process was straightforward and quick. I began receiving assignments shortly after signing on.

In the beginning, I could select topics that I feel comfortable with and receive assignments within those fields. If I feel uncomfortable with a subject, I can mention that and will not be further offered assignments in that area. While deadlines can be short, there is an option to ask for an extension or decline the job without penalty. The feedback system is fair as I can give further comments afterward and it feels like working together as a team even though it is remote.

The project management team is knowledgeable and prompt in their replies. With the implementation of the new software driven workflow, I am typically only contacted within the hours that I specify and has made invoicing easier.

Overall, I have been happy working with Enago and hope that we can keep moving forward together in a positive way.
PSE1257, United States
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have been working as a freelance editor for several years as a means for supplementing my primary income, and I enjoy helping non-native English speakers enhance their paper quality. However, I was looking for a more reliable stream of work and subsequently interviewed with Enago through their on-line hiring process. After completing one simple test to determine my editing abilities, I was accepted as a freelancer to perform ESL editing.

I was sent my first assignment shortly after being accepted and have been provided a variety of work ranging from basic letters to articles being prepared for journal submission. My specialty is engineering and the range of technical subjects assigned to me by Enago has been another pleasant surprise. Additionally, through the past several months since I was accepted as a freelancer, I have been given productive feedback by the editing team that has assisted me in sharpening my editing work.

I have been impressed that the papers assigned to me have been fairly well-prepared based on my previous experience of working with authors who are non-native English speakers. The deadlines required to have a document edited and returned to Enago have always been reasonable considering the highly technical subject matter I am typically assigned.

The invoicing procedure for Enago’s freelancers is straightforward. I am pleased to be a part of Enago’s editing team and look forward to continuing my working relationship with Enago for many more years to come.
BH1353, Chile
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I had already been doing freelance proofreading when I was attracted to Enago because it featured working with academic journal papers. Moreover, the kind of work was quite manageable. I am used to working in an ESL environment, having lived overseas for the better part of 22 years and having taught hundreds of ESL classes.

The in-house editors are generally professional and easy to work with. The invoicing procedure is simple and efficient. In general, I am quite content with Enago and have found a way to have my Enago work fit into my busy schedule. I am pleased to be a member of Enago’s editing team, and look forward to a long relationship with the company.
MB1319, United States
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
Having worked for several English language editing services, I can honestly say that my time with Enago has been the most positive. In my opinion, two key factors set Enago apart: the respect that is shown to freelance editors, by the full-time Enago employees, and the company's clear emphasis on prompt and courteous communication. Being a freelancer can be challenging. Many times positive feedback is scarce, and the efforts of the freelancer go unrecognized with the exception of when problems arise. I have found Enago to be different in this regard. In particular, my interactions with the project managers have been courteous and left me feeling as if my efforts were appreciated. When I have questions, they are answered promptly.

Additionally, there have been instances where there were problems with a particular assignment. In every instance when I bring something to an Enago staff member's attention, the issue is addressed. When I render a professional opinion regarding the structure or content of a manuscript, that opinion is seriously considered and promptly responded to.

In the rare instance where I have issues with an assignment, Enago staffs have shown their willingness to
(1) assist me in their interactions with the author and
(2) accommodate my requests or suggestions.

These actions make all the difference. Working for Enago means having access to an extremely flexible, yet stable workload. As an academic and researcher, I enjoy much of what I am given to edit. From an operational standpoint, I have had no problems with the hiring or accounting departments. Payment has been prompt every month, and the clear and prompt communication I have received is much appreciated. I look forward to my future work with Enago.
MB1334, United States
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have been editing for Enago’s editing services for some time now. The folks at Enago are pleasant and easy to work with, and they provide me with all the information that I need to accomplish the tasks assigned. Most assignments are well within my field of expertise; however, if not, Enago will note this on the assignment sheet so that I can decide whether to accept or reject it if I am not comfortable with the subject matter.

Enago also provides helpful feedback so that we can continue to produce high-quality manuscripts to our clients. Workload has been consistent and has actually increased with experience and performance, and payments for assignments have been consistently on time. As a freelancer, both of these points are very important!

Enago also provides online forms on its website to request time off so that information on any vacations or other scheduled leaves can be provided to them to enable them to redistribute its workload. I also appreciate that Enago will work with me when there are deadline conflicts so that we can continue to ensure excellent service without missing any client deadlines.

Enago is a great company with whom to partner and is proud to provide excellent service to its clients.
MB1241, Australia
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
During my work for Enago, I have had quite consistent work, usually receiving the amount of work per week that I have requested, particularly after the probation period, and it is great to be able to control the amount of work I do, when I do it and where I do it.

If I have other commitments or take leave, it is simple to update my availability on the web portal so that I am not sent jobs if I am unavailable for a length of time. The types of assignments have been quite varied, some closely related to my area of expertise and some more distant but still within the limits of my educational background and experience. I have found the variety really interesting and learnt a lot in the process.

The quality of the manuscripts is also quite good; some are more difficult than others but most require only an average amount of editing. If I have a query regarding an assignment it is usually addressed within a short time, even on weekends. In addition, the payment procedure is simple and more accurate than my own accounting. On occasion I have missed adding jobs to the Excel spreadsheet invoice that is submitted each month but this has been picked up by the finance team and appropriate payment was made.
MB1208 , France
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I was contacted by Enago’s recruitment team on LinkedIn and was excited about the new opportunity. After editing a sample document for Enago, I was accepted as a freelance editor and filled their hiring documents. I enjoy editing for Enago and am overall pleased with the experience.

The assignments vary widely in terms of subject matter and language level. I’ve also learned that sometimes you will spend much longer on a poorly written assignment and other times you’ll spend very little time on a very well written assignment, meaning that both the time commitment and hourly pay even out. Given this, I feel that the pay is more than fair and am quite happy from a financial perspective.
There are many benefits for working with Enago. The first being flexibility; I can work from anywhere and don’t have to account time for transportation to/from work and can book vacation days as needed, which is great. The other is a simple payment procedure; I fill my invoice on a monthly basis and the amount is wire transferred to my bank account in my own currency. Feedback is the other benefit; I receive feedbacks on my work that has helped me to learn what is expected in terms of consistency and relevant aspects, which I feel has made me a better and more consistent editor, even with my personal clients. Last but not the least consistency of work ensures that I continue to work for Enago most days of the week.

Finally, it goes without saying that I enjoy editing and the chance to continually learn new things in other fields!
MB1195, Ireland
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I previously worked as an academic researcher which was followed by several years working as an in-house editor for a science journal publisher. This is my first freelance experience and I am really enjoying it. The Enago team is both professional and friendly, and quick to respond to queries or requests, while the assignments themselves are varied and interesting. Nearly all of those offered to me have been related to my areas of expertise and I have learned a lot about so many different research areas; editing scientific manuscripts really is a wonderful way to keep in touch with advances in the field. The flexibility offered by Enago is certainly advantageous, and I have the option of adjusting my workload from week to week depending on other commitments, which is ideal. The invoicing and payment system is easy to navigate, and I am paid directly into my bank account.

I had never edited pre-submission manuscripts before, and I love being able to contribute to improving the presentation of the content and providing feedback to the authors that will help increase the chances of having a successful publication. As a former scientist, I appreciate that the publication process is often quite challenging, particularly when the native language of the researcher is not English, and it’s very satisfying to be able to help authors make their work as good as it can be. The level of intervention varies between assignments. There are occasionally papers that take considerably longer to complete, but in these cases the deadlines can usually be extended. I have also found the feedback from the Enago team to be very beneficial; as I had only worked for one publisher previously and received my training in-house, the guidance here was essential to help me understand the mechanics of this particular job and I found it highly constructive.

In summary, I would thoroughly recommend working for Enago; the editing process gives me the opportunity to use my science background, while the company is efficient and extremely professional in its approach. In addition, freelancing allows the editor to work flexibly from home and I greatly appreciate this aspect of the job.
PSE1167, United States
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
As an editor for Enago, I greatly appreciate the feedback from their staff that has helped me improve my work. Assignments have been mostly well matched for my field of study, and the bonus is that I get to learn new things as I edit.
I enjoy helping scientists convey their research in English so that they have an opportunity to reach a wider audience. Communication with project managers has been very easy and payment is always prompt.
MB1091, United States
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have been busy ever since I completed my first Enago copyediting assignment. Enago is not the first provider of medical and scientific editing services that I have worked with, but it is one of the best, for both editors and clients.

My first contact with Enago was through LinkedIn. Soon after completing the test edit exercise and the necessary forms, I began receiving copyediting assignments and substantive edits shortly thereafter. Enago distinguishes itself in many ways. While most other groups give editors the choice of accepting or rejecting assignments, Enago encourages us to provide specific reasons for making that choice and sometimes can adjust deadlines to accommodate a heavy work load. The Project Management team quickly adjusted their offers to subjects that I felt comfortable working with. I quite like the occasional telephone calls from the project management team to discuss urgent work that needs attention.

The feedback from the quality team is always constructive and has helped me improve my work and not forget to consult the freelance editors' handbook.

It's a real benefit that the invoicing procedure is convenient; payment is always regular and on time, and the invoice is checked for errors by the accounts team before processing.

I must say "Well done Enago" and I hope that we will work together for a long time.
MB1084, United States
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I was contacted by a representative from Enago through the LinkedIn website. The recruiter was very quick to respond to my questions about the structure of freelance editing with Enago. The initial paperwork was clearly explained and the test assignment was reasonable.

Once I began work for Enago, I received my first assignment within a few days. The assignments are provided through email with all the pertinent information contained within the text or as an attachment. This is convenient, as there is no need to log in to other webpages. The frequency at which I received assignments increased after my first month with Enago and further, after a few more months, I was added to the pool of freelance editors with a secondary contract that guarantees I receive a set minimum of assignments each month (you can still complete as many assignments as you like).

The Enago team is very responsive to any questions I may have about deadlines or specific content within assignments. The assignments range in size as well as in the effort needed to correct the document. However, the vast majority of assignments are straightforward, and the Enago Handbook clearly reviews the recommended editing style. I am also provided helpful feedback on my completed assignments every month or so. The payment schedule is consistent and simple. Invoices are submitted at the start of every month and payment is received near the start of the following month.

Overall, I am very happy with my decision to work as a freelance editor for Enago and anticipate a long and fruitful working relationship with this great team.
PSE1070, United Kingdom
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
Enago is an excellent company to work for as a freelance academic editor. The projects that they offer are plentiful, interesting, and varied. The required turnaround time is usually short, so be prepared to work some long sessions. However, the rewards are well worth the effort. Enago’s clients are invariably researching the most exciting and challenging topics of today, and it is exciting to play a part in helping that work into tomorrow.

Communicating with Enago is always a pleasure. Their in-house staff does a splendid job at issuing work, providing constructive and supportive feedback, and dealing promptly with invoices and payments. Occasionally, a proposed deadline might be unsuitable or a project might require more clarification. The in-house staff is always flexible at such times, and will gladly work with you to find a way around the problem.

I am happy to recommend Enago to anyone who is looking either to get started in academic editing or to expand their editorial portfolio. I work mainly in the math/engineering/physics slice of the editorial spectrum, and Enago suits me as both a subject specialist and a general editor. Give Enago a go – you won’t regret it.
MB781, New Zealand
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I enjoy working as a freelance editor for Enago—there is plenty of work, with a variety of subject matters and types of documents. They send you work in the subject matters that you are comfortable with (the list of which is slowly added to over time), and the feedback is very helpful and constructive.

Enago is open to feedback about their processes and respond quickly to any suggestions/queries. I feel that Enago’s processes are constantly being updated and improved and that freelancers are kept up to date on these changes.

The project management team responds quickly and efficiently, and any problems are quickly resolved.

Also, I like that the editing guidelines are thorough—when I have had questions in the past regarding these guidelines, the feedback team has been quick to answer my questions, and have done so very comprehensively.
MB983, United Kingdom
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
Communication with the project management team has been fine. They are all very polite (it would actually be nice if they were a little less formal sometimes—but I understand the need to be professional!), and my queries are usually responded to in a timely manner.

The assignments are varied and often really interesting. Most of the assignments I receive fall within my areas of expertise, and it is actually quite nice to sometimes receive different subjects, although the “no obligation” ability to reject manuscripts is essential in some cases!

I have received feedback on several assignments since I began work. All of the feedback I have received has been useful, and is greatly appreciated.

The payment procedure is simple and I’ve had no problems. Thanks to the finance team for a good job! Also, the work arrives at a steady pace, which is great—I’m really happy with how much I’m sent.
MB969, Germany
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I had been working as a freelance scientific language editor for some time before joining Enago. I enjoy the work that I do very much. I have a strong academic background so I fully understand how much my services mean to clients.

To be accepted onto the Enago editorial team, I had to take an editing test. After I had passed this test and completed all the paperwork, I began receiving assignments. Enago only sends me manuscripts that are related to my field of expertise. This means that I can understand what the author is trying to say and can help them communicate their findings in the best possible manner. Sometimes, only light copyediting is required, but often the manuscript needs a lot of editing to get it up mark. I am happy to do both kinds of editing and always feel connected to an author when I work on his/her manuscript. I want to help them get their hard work published. Enago helps me ensure that I provide the best possible level of editing by providing me with regular feedback. I am happy to say that Enago has been very satisfied with the work I do and asked me to join their team of distinguished editors within a few months of my joining the editing team. This means that I receive a guaranteed workload each month; great news for any freelancer! Enago goes to great lengths to support their editors, simply because they want to ensure the best quality editing for all their clients. For these reasons, I am happy to be working with Enago and look forward to many fruitful years to come.
PSE977, United States of America
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
As a freelance academic editor, Enago is one of my favorite clients. What sets them apart most is their respect for their contractors. While other editing companies often treat their editors as disposable, providing little meaningful feedback and docking pay without just cause, all my interactions with Enago have been friendly and helpful. Their feedback is highly detailed and has helped me develop as an editor, and when I have questions, they respond quickly.

Enago actively encourages communication, including feedback from their editors, which makes me feel appreciated and valued. The editing guidelines and expectations are clear, payments are prompt, and I find the assignments to be a good match in terms of subject area. Their assignment emails give me all the information I need to estimate how long an edit will take, which is incredibly useful for time-management purposes.

Also, I appreciate how clear their communication is, and I always receive prompt responses to any questions I have about an assignment.
PSE824, United States of America
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
My experience with Enago has been very positive thus far. The very professional, yet friendly, demeanor of my recruitment manager formed my first impression of the company that turned out to be quite accurate. Michelle kept me informed of my status in the hiring process throughout every stage of recruitment. I was also provided with handbooks that clearly explained everything I needed to know about the documentation process and the actual workflow procedures. However, I still felt completely comfortable asking questions about the information provided and received prompt and helpful responses whenever I did so.

One of the best things about working with Enago is the excellent project management team. They do an incredibly difficult job very well. Although the subject area survey provides a substantial amount of detail regarding the subjects an editor is capable of working with, I imagine it must be challenging to gain familiarity with the specific expertise of each freelancer. Nonetheless, they are very good at consistently sending appropriate assignments. I believe they really make a sincere effort to find the best match between assignment subject area and editor expertise. Furthermore, they are always responsive regarding requests for information about files, deadlines, and specific questions regarding job instructions. I truly appreciate their timely responses to all queries and the consistently professional and capable manner in which they do so—regardless of time zone differences. They are very respectful of schedule availability as well. I have not had any problems with requests for time off or changes in my availability. The lines of communication regarding schedule availability are open and the system is easily navigable.

One of the greatest concerns for freelancers is workflow. I honestly have not had any problems with the workflow at Enago. The workflow is very consistent, despite availability changes. It seems as if there would be enough work if I wanted to work much more. At the same time, I feel that I would not be penalized if I had to cut back. Therefore, I believe that both consistent workflow and scheduling flexibility are possible at Enago. I also appreciate the highly professional communication regarding the feedback process. It is refreshing to receive feedback that is constructive and sincerely helpful. The advice provided is never reproachful, but sound and easily applicable to future assignments. The process allows you to develop and polish your skills on any level.

Although I work at home, I still feel like I am part of a team. Newsletters provide updates and useful information regarding the company. Attention to various holidays is thoughtful and inclusive. The accounts team is super friendly even if you contact them regarding invoices or payment questions. I am grateful to be working with such a great group of people. I have no complaints or concerns and would encourage anyone with a strong work ethic and positive attitude to join us. I hope that my work experience with Enago continues to be as productive and enjoyable as it has been so far.
PSE842, Thailand
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I’d been working as a university lecturer in Asia, and I found that the most productive part (apart from my own research) was helping the science faculty members here publish their academic papers. It seemed logical to try to focus on combining research with scientific editing, rather than spend hours teaching basic classes. I linked up with Enago, and after a few months of doing odd jobs, I asked them if they could give me a more substantial stream of work. In a very genial Skype conversation with a couple of the guys at Enago headquarters, we agreed on a monthly guaranteed work level. The communications with the office have been fine: on two occasions, the accountancy people queried the invoices I’d sent in. In one case, I’d charged a bit too much, but in the other case, they pointed out that I’d charged a bit too low. The assignments have been interesting, challenging in some cases, but always worthwhile.

Overall, I’m really pleased to have signed up with Enago, and I hope that we can go on working together long term. Now I just have to get back to my own research, which the Enago work gives me enough time to do.
MB866, United States of America
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have wanted to put my experience in academic writing to use to expand my horizons, when I found out through the professional grapevine that Enago was accepting applications for freelance copyediting.

It was less than 48 hours when a very courteous representative contacted me via email with information on their workflow and the qualities they were looking for. After a brief evaluation and turning in the paperwork on my field of expertise, which is biomedical sciences in general and neuropathology in particular, I started receiving assignments almost immediately. Most of these were copy editing assignments, with enhancements to language requested. The deadline was 24 hours and the text was written by a non-native English speaker. One challenge with this first assignment was creating a workflow that would be efficient while providing constructive feedback to the client. Nonetheless, I met the deadline and over the next few weeks I received many assignments with a wider variation in style and format.

Most clients have a good command on English and the work involves oversights in language, ensuring consistency, and spotting gaps in content. There is the occasional very badly written manuscript: that, to me, is a fun challenge as with Enago, feedback to the author is in many formats, including comments inserted in the manuscript or more detailed remarks where suggestions can be made to the authors. That allows me to more completely convey the reasons behind certain adjustments I might make and to give suggestions in a more efficient manner.

The interaction with the management team in India has been superb. They are always on time in responding to my queries with assignments and are always understanding of the fact that I have a full-time job and I am not always flexible in accepting assignments. Crucially, when I might need extra time, the management team is always accommodating. The feedback I have gotten from the editing team in India since I started has always been positive, helpful and I believe has made me a better scientific writer.

The invoicing process is smooth, and the payments are accurate and on time. After I upload my invoice, I get an acknowledgement email. Next month, the payment is directly deposited to my US bank account within the first 10 days. So far, I have been very happy with the rates despite month-to-month variabilities due to the nature of freelance work.

In summary, I am extremely happy to become a member of Enago and look forward to many years with the company.
MB901, France
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I sent my application to work with Enago some time ago, having a strong academic writing background and a keen interest to improve my editing skills. Enago was happy with my profile, and I was promptly sent an editing test to verify my English skills. After passing this small test, the paperwork and contract process ran smoothly and efficiently and shortly afterward I was sent my first assignment.

Over the first month, the assignments were short and comprised predominantly of copyediting tasks. I preferred this approach as it meant that I was not too overloaded from the start and could get to grips with the editing quality standards required, which are efficiently detailed in the Enago Editor’s Handbook. The number of words to edit per assignment steadily increased over this initial month, and in the second month I began receiving substantive editing assignments that require more input from the editor, for example, directions and suggestions to the authors for how to improve their manuscripts for a given journal or audience. In the third month, I was offered a 12-month contract with Enago as a Consultant Freelance Editor, which ensures you receive a set amount of work each month and an assured income provided you reach the agreed number of edited words.

I have enjoyed my time with Enago. The company cares about its freelance editors, and communication is always polite and two-way so that both parties can benefit. My editing skills have improved substantially, particularly through Enago’s regular quality control feedback on areas I can improve on and the monthly report for each Freelancer. The assignments that have been sent to me are almost always within my field, and there is no obligation to accept any assignment sent, which is great if you have busy weeks. Communication with Enago has always been professional, complete, and friendly; the deadlines are reasonable and in accordance with the number of words to edit; and I have had no problem with payments to my accounts. I would recommend Enago to other scientific editors and look forward to continuing my relationship with the company.
MB918, New Zealand
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have now been working as a freelance editor for Enago for a long time—and I’m loving it! As a mother of young children, with a PhD in Zoology, it is difficult to find a work–life balance that suits, but the flexibility of being a freelancer and being able to help other scientists with their research is the perfect solution.

Enago is an extremely professional company with good resources for their editors and well-designed workflow systems. The feedback requirements for their clients are also extremely easy to follow, minimizing the time needed to be spent on them. The staff at Enago is very pleasant to communicate with and always respond promptly to queries. The feedback they provide is greatly appreciated as it is a good opportunity for continuously improving my editing skills.

Shortly after joining the Enago freelancer pool, I was offered a one-year contract, which guarantees a monthly income in return for my guarantee of editing a certain number of words per month.

I am always looking forward to the next assignment and very much hope that I will continue to work for Enago well into the future!
MB677, South Africa
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have been editing for Enago for a while now. I have worked with one other editing company before Enago, offering the same sort of service. Enago does seem to approach editing slightly differently from the previous company that I had worked for. I get the impression that the guidelines and editing procedures provided to freelance editors by Enago facilitate structured and consistent editing. These include the various editing manuals providing guidance for general editing principles as well as more specific guidelines for the typical editing work that Enago freelance editors perform. The editing add-ons, such as the Advance Report, that Enago provides to its clients opting for substantive editing assignments, facilitates consistent and comprehensive editing output.

Communication with Enago has been consistent and prompt. All enquiries that I have made to them have been answered within a few hours. Enago has also provided prompt feedback on editing tasks that I have completed, and their constructive criticism has helped me become a better editor.

I have found that work from Enago has been very consistent and of high volume. I am also very satisfied with the editing rate that they have offered me. The subjects of the assignments offered to me by Enago are often not specifically within my field, but I have rarely received an editing task that was so far removed from my specialization that I could not perform the edit satisfactorily. Enago often offers editing jobs that are urgent and due in a day or less. However, freelance editors are not placed under any pressure to accept such assignments.

To date, I have found the accounts department at Enago to be very efficient and accurate, and my monthly editing payments from Enago have all gone through promptly and correctly.

My experience with Enago has given me the impression that the company is extremely well structured and efficient, and I am happy and grateful to have built a relationship with them.
MB697, United States of America
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
Initially, when I applied for a freelancer position, I was required to pass an editing test that was difficult at some points, but it gave a fair assessment of my abilities. Once I was hired, completed the necessary paperwork, and read the handbooks, I was given my first assignment.

I have received many different types of interesting assignments. Some are directly related to work that I have done in the past and others are not. However, since most basic and/or clinical research papers combine several different areas of research (such as signal transduction and metabolic pathways), I am usually familiar with the key elements of the paper even if the topics initially seem unfamiliar. The freelance editors are given ample time to read through the assignments before making a decision. This is important since many assignments that initially appear unfamiliar may actually contain material within the scope of the editor's knowledge. If the freelance editor chooses to reject the assignment he/she is allowed to explain the decision so that Enago understands why the assignment was rejected. The choices are very reasonable, and they include being uncomfortable with the topic, technical matters such as power outages, tight deadline, already assigned workload, and unavailability. Enago accepts either decision without any comments or arguments.

Feedback is given regularly and the freelance editor is asked to reply so that he/she has a chance to explain his/her decision on why the document was edited in a certain way. This provides a learning opportunity for the freelance editor. It has helped me to significantly improve my editing and will continue to do so.

The Enago editors and other team members are very helpful and are always available to answer questions. After receiving an assignment and reading through it quickly, the freelance editor can ask a question(s) about the assignment, and the Enago team replies well within the time frame given for the assignment. Any other questions are always answered quickly. The assignments are given with a deadline suitable for the assignment. Initially, it may seem that the time frame is not adequate to complete the assignment, but if the freelance editor reads through the assignment he/she will realize the amount of work is appropriate for the time that is given. If there is a problem with the assignment time frame the freelance editor can either contact Enago or reject the assignment.

I enjoy my editing assignments and look forward to working on them. I am very happy to be working with Enago and look forward to more assignments.

MB726, United Kingdom
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
Like most freelance copyeditors and proofreaders, I have worked for several proofreading companies; so, I was keen to be accepted and luckily, I was successful in my application.

Having completed the preliminary paperwork, I was sent my first assignment almost immediately. Although familiar with the subject matter (my field is infectious diseases), there were quite a few differences in the work I was now being asked to do. First, the deadline for returning the article was around 48 h, and I was required to transform a piece of text around 3000 words long, written by a non-native English speaker, into grammatically correct English while obeying the rules of scientific journal writing.

I managed to complete the piece and return it within the deadline, and I was given very helpful feedback by the feedback team. Over the course of completing the next few assignments, I developed the mode of working required and found that I was able to cope with the huge variations in style, standard of English, and technical complexity contained within the manuscripts. While the standard of English overall is quite reasonable considering the fact that most of the authors are non-native English speakers, there is the occasional article that is very poorly written, for which extra time is usually allowed for completion. Where sense and meaning are not clear, the editor would normally insert a query for the authors to clarify that particular section. One time-consuming aspect of editing is the reference section, but this does not require editing in Enago assignments, merely a check to ascertain that references have been cited correctly and are relevant to the subject matter.

The editing team at Enago is always extremely helpful and informative, and any queries are invariably dealt with very promptly. One very useful aspect for the freelancer is the monthly report, which provides feedback on many aspects of the previous month’s work, on an assignment-by-assignment basis. I have picked up many useful pointers with regard to accurate scientific editing from this, and continue to do so. On occasions, an email with specific critique has come my way and this ensures self-audit and attention to detail to get it right first time.

The invoicing procedure for Enago’s freelancers is both simple and efficient. I upload my invoice for the previous month within the first 5 days of the following month, and the money is usually in my UK bank account via PayPal shortly after. On an hourly basis, rates can vary quite a bit among assignments, but overall I am extremely happy with the current rates paid since the amount of work per month is constant, with potential for multiple briefs per day.

In conclusion, I am happy to be a member of Enago’s editing team and look forward to many more productive years with the company. The company must also be happy with the partnership as they have recently offered me a contract guaranteeing at least a four figure income per annum.
MBSC65, United Kingdom
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
As a freelance science editor, I have worked with Enago now for quite some time, and in that time, I have found the company to be professional, efficient, flexible, and fair. Although I receive relatively few assignments per month from Enago, their flexible email system of acceptance and rejection of jobs means that I can pick up as much or as little work as I can handle, depending on my current workload. Whenever I have had need to communicate with the Enago staff, I have found them to be courteous and professional. The rate of pay I receive is on par with other companies that offer similar work, and my monthly payment has always been placed into my PayPal account on time. I find them to be a trustworthy company that conducts their business professionally and with the minimum fuss.
PSE676, Canada
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
As I was completing my Ph.D. research, I was looking for a job, preferably something outside of research. In my search, I came across Enago and was very interested in working as a freelance editor. I sent in my application and was very quickly given a sample editing assignment. Once completed, I was offered a position. As I was still completing my degree, I asked to defer until I was finished and they were very accommodating. As soon as I graduated, I started receiving numerous jobs. Although this was my first experience with editing professionally, I did not have any problems as I was given plenty of time to finish the assignments. In the beginning, I required a lot of time to finish, but I quickly got better and began to finish my assignments much faster.

Many of the jobs I receive are not within my immediate field; however, I find that I am now much more comfortable stepping outside my comfort zone and am learning a lot of different kinds of chemistry that I was previously unfamiliar with. Overall, the English in the manuscripts is quite good, with the odd poorly written manuscript that requires more time and effort. Although the hourly pay with some manuscripts is less, in general the pay is quite good as some manuscripts require much less time.

On occasions, you are given a great deal of work that you do not have time to finish. When this happens, the editing team is very willing to help shuffle around deadlines if you still wish to work on all the assignments. There is also the possibility to reject any assignments, making your schedule very flexible.

A month after I began working for Enago, I was offered a yearly contract after being tested with a larger workload for two weeks. I gladly accepted the contract, which has provided me with a much larger quantity of work, which is much more consistent, but still with the ability to take holidays and reject whatever jobs I wish.

The editing team at Enago is always very friendly, professional, and accommodating, with very prompt replies and feedback. Feedback is provided in a few different methods, with the main method being the monthly reports, which are very helpful in telling you how you performed the month before. The feedback is very helpful as it often reminds you of language rules you had either forgotten or did not know. This helped me tremendously in the beginning, and still does.

It has been a great experience that has taught me so much, and a great alternative to the traditional industry or research jobs.
PSE735, United States of America
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
The application procedure for a freelancer position at Enago was very straightforward and transparent, and I was accepted as a freelance editor after a round of editing tests. I applied to the company because I had read some extremely positive comments about their approach to editing for non-native English speakers.

The flow of work has been extremely satisfying. There are plenty of assignments available and it is up to the editor to accept or reject these based on their desired work load and their approved monthly target of edited words. Assignments can range from a few hundred words to many thousands, and the standard of English ranges quite considerably. The Project Management Team does an excellent job of ensuring that you receive assignments across this range; some documents are quite well written, while others require considerable intervention. Sometimes the deadlines are tight, but never impossible.

As an editor, I am constantly attempting to hone my skills. One of the most satisfying aspects of working for Enago is the excellent feedback given. The quality assurance team is highly skilled and can offer insights to the editing process that prove invaluable.

Payment for the work is fair and comparable with other forms of freelance editing. Invoices are paid monthly by direct deposit to my US bank account. This system works well. As a second form of income, freelance editing with Enago suits my needs very well.

Overall, I feel very privileged to work for Enago. The company has a genuine respect for its clients and its freelance editors. I would recommend Enago without hesitation.
BH365, United States of America
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
After being recommended to contact Crimson Enago by a friend and colleague and after years of editing work, I think the first thing that comes to mind about the advantages of working with Enago is flexibility.

I’m “retired” from teaching and standardized test preparation careers, but working for Enago enables me to work at will, maintain my skills, supplement my income, and still have time for grandchildren, sewing, reading, and other retirement activities. Furthermore, when I decided to teach classes on an adjunct basis, Enago adjusted my assignments to accommodate my workload. I appreciated this very much because, although I thoroughly enjoy the editing assignments, imagining the assignments’ authors, and working with the Enago staff, I needed face-to-face interactions as well.

Another point of flexibility is my “office.” With my trusty laptop, spiral notebook with a pencil stuck in the coils, and a mouse and mouse-pad, I have a complete office. This office can go in a bag in a few seconds and travel anywhere with me. I live in Florida, but I have completed assignments on airplanes and in cars (with someone else driving!), in California, Washington, Arkansas, and points between. Sometimes I head to McDonald’s or the local library for an Internet connection, and Enago and I are all set for efficient work.

After what I consider my apprentice year of editing and a fully established professional relationship with Enago, I began to appreciate the staff’s flexibility. They obviously want to do an excellent job, but do not manifest the rigidity that makes doing so unnecessarily difficult. They’ve all been personable and polite and seem to have the oh-so-necessary sense of humor about things, especially on the telephone. And this includes the accounting department too! Enago provides helpful guidelines, quick responses to questions and problems, and their excellent QA staff provide positive feedback. As with all human endeavors, misunderstandings and miscommunications sometimes occur; these are handled without rancor, on a let’s-go-forward basis. When possible, project coordinators have worked with me to adjust assignments or deadlines to suit both our needs, and there’s no boomerang effect when I reject an assignment, go on vacation, or am ill. The staff show remarkable respect for others’ lives.

Eventually, we expanded my subject areas for editing, so I get to absorb a variety of significant information. I’m proud to be working in a globalized pursuit, in an admittedly indirect, but also intimate, way with people from all over the world. They are adding to our knowledge, improving the environment and our health and quality of life—in short, working in a positive way to maintain and improve our lives on Earth—and, by editing with Enago, I have the privilege of contributing to that.
MB551, United States of America
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I was trained as a molecular biologist and received my PhD in the laboratory of a Nobel Prize awardee. Research has always been my passion and made me get up in the morning with a great smile. After two post-doctoral contracts, I did not see myself become a group leader and follow the academic path. However, eventually I decided that science will be my passport to a carrier that would conjugate my attention to details, the pleasure of discovery and my “people skill”. I decided to take a class in medical writing to complete the training I received in academia with the peer review process. It humbled me down (everybody is aware of the big ego of an academic!) and made me realize that often data are good but not necessarily presented in a way to attract the attention of the reader.

I applied at Enago, and after a selection process, involving a single thoroughly designed test, I received my first assignment. I was required to transform a piece of text around 4000 words long, written by a non-native English speaker, into grammatically correct English while obeying the rules of scientific journal writing. Many assignments came my way and I learned to select the ones I was comfortable with, choosing topics that would be close to my research background. I am lucky in this respect as I was involved in research projects covering areas as diverse as obesity, immunology, cardiology, genetics and development.

The Project Management team at Enago is always extremely helpful and informative, and any queries are invariably dealt with very promptly. One very useful aspect for the freelancer is the monthly report, which provides feedback on many aspects of the previous month’s work, on an assignment-by-assignment basis. I have picked up many useful pointers with regard to accurate scientific editing from this, and continue to do so.

The invoicing procedure for Enago’s freelancers is simple and efficient. I upload my invoice for the previous month within the first 5 days of the following month, and the money is usually in my US bank account via wire transfer shortly after. On an hourly basis, rates can vary quite a bit among assignments, but overall I am extremely happy with the current rates paid.

In conclusion, I am happy to be a member of Enago’s editing team, and look forward to many more fruitful years with the company.
MB578, United Kingdom
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I must admit that my experience with Enago overall is incredibly positive. It is easy to communicate with the Project Management team, which tends to be readily available to respond to any questions regarding any of the assignments and tends to accommodate any deadline extensions, whenever requested, within the limits of the author deadline. In turn, I tend to do my best to return the assignments as soon as possible to accommodate as much work from Enago as necessary.

The feedback mechanism is incredibly useful, and I believe it has helped so far to steadily move my feedback reports towards the excellence end of the spectrum.

Regarding “what would I prefer to do most”, I must admit I enjoy much more substantive editing assignments and jobs such as pre-publication peer-review, or journal selection assistance, where I believe my skills and experience can be most useful for our authors. In terms of topics, variety is beautiful, and I truly enjoy receiving manuscripts from what could not appear to be my immediate area of expertise. Yet, I believe it is within my core expertise (environmental sciences, ecology, agriculture, microbiology, climate change and earth sciences) where I shine the most.
MB644, Australia
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have been working as a freelance scientific editor for Enago. From the first skype interview, I was impressed with their professionalism, kindness, and enthusiasm. Although Australia is far away from Mumbai, the daily communications with the same team via email and phone made me feel like I was part of the team.

When assignments are received the specific instructions are clear and the allotted time is appropriate. If a deadline is not possible, often an alternative can be negotiated; we work together so that most assignments can be accepted. The in-house team is always helpful and considerate throughout this process. I am appreciative that the assignments are well matched with my areas of specialization, so that I can confidently support high-quality scientific communication. In addition, as a full-time editor it is important that each assignment is interesting, and that each day brings an enjoyable opportunity to learn something new. After all, this is one reason why I love being a scientific editor.

Enago also supports my development as an editor with regular and extremely helpful feedback that is delivered in a supportive and informative manner. The Enago style guides are helpful, and I often consult them during editing. On the business side, the rate of pay is very competitive with other companies and the monthly invoice system is simple and the payments are reliable.
BH392, Canada
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have been working as a copy editor for Enago ever since a representative from the company found my Editors Association of Canada profile page while searching for an editor of economics. He asked if I would be interested in working for his company and whether I would be willing to write a test, which entailed revising two scholarly documents on economics. As I am a freelance editor, naturally I was interested in pursuing the idea of working for Enago. Also, I liked the idea of writing a test; it told me that this company was serious about finding good editors. I also searched Enago online and found that there had never been any complaints about this company. It all sounded very legit.

The test was excruciating as the English in the texts was really mangled. It took me a great deal of time to navigate through them and to figure out what the authors wanted to say. Somehow, I managed to meet Enago’s standards, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Here are my general impressions:

As with editing generally, at times assignments can come in droves and at other times they can trickle in. That is the nature of the business. Usually, the deadlines can be met with little problem. Sometimes they are very tight. But if I can’t fit them into my schedule, I immediately let Enago know so they can find another editor in the subject matter. This is not usually a problem.

Most of the clients in my field are located in China, Japan, and Korea. I sometimes work on documents for clients in Germany, Switzerland, or Austria. I really like seeing the research coming out of these regions. The writing of these scholars is always very well organized. And as organization is one of the most important aspects of good writing, I feel that this part of the job is relatively easy. Rarely do I have to move text from one section to another. For the most part, the quality of the writing is very good. In fact, there are times when I wonder why a particular client even needs an editor, but am nevertheless happy to receive assignments that I don’t consider to be a real slog. On the other hand, there are those assignments where one wonders why the author didn’t get a translator because the English is so bad. But, in general, the well-written assignments more than make up for the ones that take a great deal of time to tidy up and prepare for publication.

Enago gives monthly feedback on your work, on an assignment-by-assignment basis. The in-house editor points out aspects of the editing that were exceptionally good and other areas that could have used a bit more attention, using an example to illustrate what he means. As such, the feedback is an opportunity to learn and improve, which a good editor should always strive to do. The Enago Monthly Newsletter also has some editing pointers and is fun to read. Editors are also encouraged to contribute.

On payment: Enago is completely honest, trustworthy, and prompt. Oftentimes, I forget to record some of the assignments I have completed in a particular month (with apologies to the accounting team members). They immediately contact me with the relevant assignment codes and amounts and the adjustment to the total invoice, which I then readjust on my own invoice and resubmit. Payment is on a monthly basis.

On the pay scale: I have to be honest about this one. At first, I was making very little money. This is because this type of work was new to me. The manuscripts are scholarly, so the discussion is very detailed, dense and sometimes complicated. The work is much more difficult than revising government or development bank documents. It took me several months to get used to this level of work. Now, as I have learned a great deal during the process of revising so many scholarly papers, I can oftentimes expeditiously complete the required revisions. Nevertheless, there are still times when the work goes slowly as my knowledge of a topic might require that I research an unfamiliar term. I always want to do quality work. And as this is the first priority, sometimes I don’t make much money on an hourly basis and sometimes I do very well. I feel that it all balances out. Also, I feel strongly that when working for Enago, I have the privilege of working on scholarly research at the highest level. In fact, Enago even has some Nobel laureates as clients. In general, after 2 years at Enago and after having improved my skills and learned more about working on papers for scholars whose first language is not English, I am pleased with the money I am making with this company.

On the Enago staff: I can’t say enough about how courteous the staff is, whether via email or on the telephone. They promptly answer any queries I might have about an assignment. If they need something done promptly and telephone about it, they are always really courteous. I have worked for organizations where people are nasty and rude, but this does not apply to Enago. I love working for this company and hope to do so for a very long time.
BH494, United Kingdom
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
In my time working for Enago, I have found the company to be professional, easy to approach, genuinely concerned about their freelancers, and very prompt in terms of responding to queries. In addition, their accounting department is accurate and prompt. Their offer of fixed-amount contracts has been very useful in terms of allowing me to balance my workload, while knowing how much I will earn each month has helped counter some of the normal problems freelancers face. I have recommended Enago to two colleagues, both of whom signed with the company, and I would have no problem recommending it to others.
MB548, United States of America
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
When I began working with Enago, I was only doing copyediting, but later I was also assigned substantive editing projects. They send me the work based on my availability, which has changed over time. Whenever I am not available, I let the Project Management Team know in advance.

The length of the assignments is variable, from short abstracts (200 words) to long manuscripts (up to 10,000 words). Even the amount of time I spend on each manuscript varies. Sometimes I receive very well-written papers that need a light editing; instead, other times, I receive manuscripts poorly written that are difficult to understand and to edit. When the message is not clear, I bring it to the attention of the author through comments, without editing it. The work load is constant, but the amount of words/assignment is not always the same. There are periods when I receive longer manuscripts and periods when I receive shorter ones. The subjects of the assignments are various and often match my expertise; when I receive manuscripts that I am not comfortable with, I reject them. If the deadline is too tight, it is possible to ask for an extension. The communication with the Project Management Team is really good. They respond to the emails immediately, elucidating any concern or doubt I have on the work. There are always editors available day and night during the week and on Saturdays.

Every month I receive a report on some of the documents I edited the previous month. It is a helpful feedback on my editing that serves me to understand the quality expected from Enago and to pick up new tips.

The payment method is efficient. I receive the payment in my US account regularly every month, after an email communicating the payment. I have never had any problems with this process. The rates are not very high, but the workload is constant, which is not always the case for a freelance job.

In conclusion, I am happy with my experience at Enago and hope to consolidate this work relationship in the following years.
PSE544, Canada
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
In the time that I have worked with Enago, I have found that all the staff with whom I have had dealings with have been friendly, professional, and competent. Because someone on the editing team is available 24 hours a day during the working week, queries are answered swiftly. The feedback that I have received as an Enago editor has helped me to improve my editing skills. I find the monthly report particularly useful, because it helps me to identify areas in which I could improve, and the comments in the report highlight specific matters.

Usually the assignments offered are in my subject area, but sometimes I have edited assignments in other areas. The manuscripts provided are on various topics within my area; this helps me to maintain a wide knowledge within my field. The original English of the assignments is of widely varying quality, from almost native-speaker standard to clearly not fluent. The manuscripts written in very good English are in some ways as much of a challenge as the poorly written ones! This is because it is easy to become absorbed in reading a well-written manuscript, and concentration is required to ensure that mistakes are not skipped over. In general my workload from Enago is fairly consistent, and I rarely have to decline work because of having too many assignments.

The payment procedure is straightforward. I am paid about a month after the invoice is submitted.

Working as a freelancer gives me great flexibility, but also a lack of security. The contract that Enago offered me, in which they agree to give me and I agree to do at least a certain amount of work per month, gives me the best of both worlds—I have a certain guaranteed income, but I can still turn down individual assignments (within reasonable limits).

Overall, my experience with Enago has been positive, and I hope to keep working with the company in future.
MB257, United States of America
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have been working with Enago for almost one year as a freelance editor in the biological sciences. Overall, I would rate the experience as excellent on all levels. As is the case with all freelance positions, there are drawbacks, including uneven workflows and scheduling difficulties, but I have found Enago to be highly professional and efficient in comparison to other companies I have worked with.

From recruitment to project assignment to feedback and payment, Enago’s communication has been consistently excellent. Projects are assigned via email and I have found that the editors are prompt and accommodating in responding to requests for deadline extensions. Overall, the process of project acceptance and submission has been easy and efficient. In addition, Enago has a robust feedback system that has helped me improve my editing and better understand their preferences.

I have been particularly pleased to find that Enago seems to have a strong commitment to quality work, which is supported by a strong in-house quality control team. Finally, the accounts department is efficient in communicating payment information and keeping freelancers up-to-date on the status of payments and invoices. Importantly, payment has always been prompt.

I have also been pleased with the type of work and subject areas allocated to me for editing. My primary area of expertise is Neurosciences and I have received a substantial number of assignments in this specific area. In addition, Enago has assigned me a good number of assignments in other related areas (in which I have some experience and expertise), which has allowed me to expand my editorial scope and increase my earning ability.

One final positive feature about working with Enago is the flexibility they allow. I have been able to work around a transatlantic move, birth of a child, and changes in my professional schedule in the past year with ease and Enago has been very understanding and consistent in assigning me projects when I am available. The ability to work completely from home and on one’s own schedule is invaluable and Enago makes this very possible.

Overall, I rate Enago very highly and would recommend them to any editor looking for freelance work. They are certainly among the best companies I have worked with in a freelance capacity.
BH87, United States of America
Editor testimonial: freelance editors, freelance editing
I have worked as a freelance editor for Enago for nearly three years. Their editing standards are high, and they zero in on every detail. Personally, I find it refreshing to work for a company that tells you upfront what they expect and provides feedback and support to help you meet their goals.

I was a good, scrupulous editor before I started working for Enago, but they have made me a better editor. I have learned how to edit in different styles, I pay even closer attention to details than I once did, and I’m more attuned to various issues of grammar and mechanics. Enago is incredibly organized, almost to a fault, but I prefer that to the lackadaisical approach of some other outfits I’ve worked for.

The editorial coordinators with whom I interact regularly are accessible, personable, and unfailingly polite.

Enago pay rates for freelancing are fair. They can’t be judged according to the editing prices for clients displayed on their website, because the company frequently negotiates pricing with clients based on a variety of factors. I’ve found the pay to be comparable to or higher than that of other companies.

Admittedly, there is an ebb and flow to the workload, but this is the case with freelancing in general. Nobody I know is becoming wealthy as a freelance editor. I’ve earned thousands of dollars from Enago and have consistently received my payment on time.

We have all heard of Google, Yahoo, and YouTube. These three American companies have won the Red Herring award in the past. Last year, Enago made it into their ranks when venture capitalists and entrepreneurs awarded the company the Red Herring award as one of the top 100 companies in the Asia-Pacific region. No other academic editing company has made it into the top 100.

The world has been transformed in the last decade or so. Whether some of us are open to accepting it or not, the editorial coordinators and managers at companies like Enago are now potentially our colleagues and employers.
MB149, United Kingdom
Editor testimonial: English Editing team at Enago, freelance medical editors
Almost two years ago, I was contacted by a representative from Enago enquiring whether I was interested in freelance work. Like most freelance copy-editors and proofreaders, I was certainly interested and replied in the affirmative. It was only earlier that year that I had upgraded to full membership of SfEP, the UK organisation that coordinates the interests, training and career opportunities of freelancers, and already I had received enquiries from three or four potential clients.

Having completed the preliminary paperwork, almost immediately I was sent my first assignment. Although familiar with the subject matter (my field is STM), there were quite a few differences in the work I was now being asked to do. First, the deadline for returning the article was around 36 hours, and I was required to transform a piece of text around 4000 words long, written by a non-native English speaker, into grammatically correct English while obeying the rules of scientific journal writing.

I managed to complete the piece and return it within the deadline, and I was given very helpful feedback by the editing team in India. Over the course of completing the next few assignments, I developed the mode of working required, and found that I was able to cope with the huge variations in style, standard of English and technical complexity of the manuscripts. While the standard of English overall is quite reasonable considering the fact that most of the authors are non-native English speakers, there is the occasional manuscript that is very badly written, for which extra time is usually allowed for completion. Where sense and meaning are not clear, the editor would normally insert a query for the authors to clarify that particular section.

The editing team at Enago is always extremely helpful and informative, and any queries are invariably dealt with very promptly. One very useful aspect for the freelancers is the Monthly Report, which provides feedback on many aspects of the previous month’s work, on an assignment-by-assignment basis. I have picked up many useful pointers with regard to accurate scientific editing from this, and continue to do so.

The invoicing procedure for Enago’s freelancers is simple and efficient. I upload my invoice for the previous month within the first 5 days of the following month, and the money is usually in my UK bank account via wire transfer shortly after. On an hourly basis, rates can vary quite a bit among assignments, but overall I am extremely happy with the current rates paid.

In conclusion, I am happy to be a member of Enago’s editing team, and look forward to many more fruitful years with the company.
MB434, United Kingdom
Editor testimonial: freelance academic editors, freelance medical editors
I can say with all honesty that I have had a very good experience working with Enago, as they provide a near-guaranteed volume and diversity of work, together with an excellent level of support and feedback. This, for me, is where Enago excels: the provision of interesting articles with excellent support and feedback mechanisms, wherein freelancers also have the option to share their views and understanding. They are open to feedback themselves, be it language related or process related. In addition, being employed as a Freelance Editor allows for a great deal of work flexibility; Enago recognises that I have other work commitments, and that by maintaining and growing in those roles, I am better served to meet their needs.

The team at Enago is also able to mitigate the few negatives I have experienced with their prompt support upon notification of said concerns. On balance, I can definitely recommend Enago to prospective freelance editors and clients alike.
BH521, New Zealand
Editor testimonial: freelance academic editors, freelance medical editors
Enago is highly focused on providing a quality service to their customers. It is a pleasure to work for a company with this level of focus. The quality system is robust and thorough, and ensures that the editor gains a clear understanding of where they are making errors or could otherwise improve. They also allow freelancers to put forward their point of view and encourage healthy debate. The work I have received thus far has been well-matched to my current Freelancer profile with Enago. I mainly receive assignments that I have expressed interest and requisite expertise in. Moreover, communications from the head office, when received, were clear and helpful. I really enjoy this work - I find it stimulating and interesting. The variation in assignments feeds my curiosity and thirst for learning while being good opportunities for earning a living.
BH777, Australia
Editor testimonial: freelance academic editors, freelance medical editors
The outline for Enago’s editing requirements has been very clear and the staff has been very helpful with any assistance I may require. Assignment topics vary, but the material is mostly academic research papers. It is a privilege to be able to assist in ensuring that the meaning in such documents comes across clearly, enabling more people to benefit from such research.

I greatly enjoy the variety of work given to me and am very happy with the professionalism of the involved teams. Their pay system is straightforward and reliable and responses to emails are handled quickly and efficiently—something I’ve found to be problematic in other companies.

The work is really suitable if you wish to work from home, and have the skillset and experience to edit a variety of material written by non-native English speakers. It is both satisfying and rewarding. I would definitely recommend this company for anyone wanting to contribute toward better and effective communication of scientific studies.
MB754, United States of America
Editor testimonial: freelance academic editors, freelance medical editors
I have worked as a freelance copyeditor for Enago since January of 2015 and I found the staff to be extremely professional, courteous, and responsive. I’ve been given a variety of assignments, with the level of intervention required ranging from light to extremely heavy. On occasions I’ve needed an extension, and the staff has been very accommodating in working with me to meet my time needs. I find that they try to tailor the assignments to each editor’s area of strength, once they have an idea of your skill level. They are always available to answer questions and to help with any problems or questions that come up.

I recommend Enago to anyone looking for freelance copyediting work.
MB2650, Philippines
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
Early in January 2022, I received a freelance editing offer from Enago on an online portal. However, I had mixed feelings on receiving the offer. On one hand, I was interested because I knew the remuneration would be significantly more than what I was earning at the time and I already had editing experience. On the other hand, I was a little nervous because I knew that the editing work needed to be of the highest quality.

I took the risk and accepted the offer. A few days later, I took a timed editing test. I was able to pass it and got interviewed a few days later. Over the course of the year, I was able to adjust to the mode of work at Enago. What I like most about working with them is that I can access all of the resources like style-guides and other documents on their portal easily. It is also a good thing that my work gets reviewed by in-house editors who are also subject matter-experts.

They provide feedback, which goes a long way in improving my editing skills and enhances my editing knowledge. Enago also organizes webinars that can help editors in improving their editing skills. In case of queries related to any assignment, the project management team is always available and they reply quickly to my concerns. Enago is also prompt and regular regarding payments. Overall, I am happy to be working at Enago and look forward to many fruitful years with the company.
MB62, Canada
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have worked as an Enago freelance editor for the past 10 years, specializing in neuroscience, psychiatry, and related fields. This position allows me to work according to my own schedule and earn an attractive remuneration. The payment cycle is regular and payoffs are done at the beginning of each month.

The work interface allows the freelancer to contact a project manager at any time in case of problems. For most of the last decade, save for the pandemic years, the available work has been relatively consistent month-to-month, with peak volumes in late spring and late fall. The manuscripts vary markedly in initial writing quality and thus work requirements but generally are of high scientific merit, so you feel motivated to facilitate acceptance by high-impact factor journals. While the standards are very high, Enago allows for professional growth through seminars and frequent evaluations, and rewards high-quality work with promotions, such as membership in the Elite Editors Club.
MB2182, Italy
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have only recently began to work as a freelance editor at Enago, precisely, I started in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic. I was really searching for additional employment opportunities that would allow me to keep working from home. The freelance editor role was, and is, ideal for me.

After an initial period of adjustment, where I took some time to get used to the Enago working environment (i.e., the online platform, the workload, style and level of editing, etc.), I began to be very comfortable with every aspect of the editing process, from accepting the assignments to the upload and delivery. Personally, one of the issues that worried me was meeting the deadlines, but I was always able to deliver assignments on time. The online platform is organized very well, it allows freelancers to accept or decline assignments, all the information about them is clearly presented, and the chat function allows direct communication with the staff at all times if there is a problem. I always found the staff very polite and direct.

Another aspect that I found very useful is the feedback that freelancers receive for each assignment and the possibility of attending webinars on specific editing-related topics. The feedback generally contains comments on the editing, and through it, it is possible to learn and improve as an editor. At times, it may be necessary to directly ask for specific feedback to understand the reason for a particular score, but I generally received very helpful replies.

My subject area is life sciences, and I was able to choose topics from a wide range of subjects. This work has many positive aspects: the freelancer is quite free to manage her/his own schedule (provided that deadlines are always met and that the level of editing is high), payment is always on time, and with time I began to see a steady and consistent workload, which is another essential point for me. I would say that it is important to be patient and willing to spend some time to adjust to Enago’s working environment, because, in my case, after an initial “slow” phase, I was able to become very organized. I really enjoy this editor position, and I actually enjoy reading the manuscripts that I correct.

Last but not least, although communication with Enago teams is mostly via email, the people I communicated with were kind and helpful, which creates a pleasant working environment where I can feel at ease.
PSE2130, Greece
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I was contacted by a representative from Enago enquiring whether I was interested in freelance work. Shortly after expressing my interest, I took an editing test and chose the sample I felt most comfortable with. Besides correcting the language, grammar, syntax, terminology, and punctuation, I made sentence reconstructions and content changes to varying degrees.

After completing the task within a flexible deadline, I was notified that I had met the internal quality requirements and was contacted to follow the further steps for joining Enago. I was very happy to receive assignments in my interface that covered a wide range of scientific fields. Sooner or later, you gain great experience in many fields. The deadlines are flexible, while extensions are also possible.

The editing team in Enago follows up with regular ratings. Importantly, there is a continual feedback system that helps you understand what the company expects from you in terms of the overall editing quality. You receive your edited file that contains detailed feedback comments and highlighted main areas of improvement. In addition, several webinars are organized that share important information about proofreading. These webinars also offer a good chance to share any concerns, queries, or questions to the Enago team.

The company offers competitive freelance rates and always pays on time. The rates for each assignment vary depending on the word count. Generally, the time and effort spent on each assignment is worth the money. Only in very few cases, you could encounter an article that is very poorly written, for which more time would be needed for completion. However, difficult texts fall under two categories: those that are intrinsically hard to understand because they require specific technical knowledge and those that lack essential information so that the editor can interpret the text. In the former case, you just need to conduct some further research on the web, while in the latter case, you need to leave a query for the authors to clarify certain sentences.

I am happy to be a member of Enago’s editing team. I love reading scientific texts and staying informed on the latest research. The constant feedback and frequent communication with the team provides positive reinforcement and makes you feel valued. I look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration with the company.
BH2079, United States
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
It is a sincere pleasure to serve the diverse and brilliant authors that choose Enago, from service, quality, and intellectual perspectives.

Advancing the inclusion of global researchers' excellent work in the theoretical and empirical evolution of subject matter is an honor and a privilege. Contributing to Enago's pledge of Author First, Quality First is a true intellectual adventure and genuinely satisfying work!
MB2404, Romania
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
Even after years of occasional editing for colleagues and a small co-author group, I did not consider this an income possibility, not even when I found Enago’s freelance editor job advertisement. I took the exam primarily out of curiosity, but its seriousness made a good impression on me.

Thus, I made a good decision: to try this work. I have been doing this for several months now. The freedom of work choice (according to time, availability, and expertise area), the assistance and care for the freelancers’ improvement to provide high-quality work that meets client expectations, and ensuring the freelancers’ satisfaction are the main highlights of Enago. I do enjoy the freedom of deciding (and modifying any time) my work schedule, which Enago always respected. The same consideration is given to the expertise areas chosen at the beginning of the freelancing; all the papers I received to date always fit my domain. The additional possibility to skim through the articles before accepting or refusing them in case of insufficient subject knowledge gives extra safety in this regard. There are many tools currently used by Enago to ensure the freelancer editors’ improvement in providing high-quality work. All the edited documents are re-checked by the in-house editors. This good practice enables Enago to deliver high-quality services that meet client expectations as well as gives me a sense of safety in my freelancer quality by knowing that if I made mistakes, those would be discovered at the company’s level. For the vast majority of the edited papers, I received the feedback of an experienced editor, rating several aspects of my work and giving additional feedback via comments. The feedback system also includes sharing valuable and very specific materials presented in pre-recorded or live webinars (on various editing situations, rules, possible problems, and solutions) for growth and improvement. The biggest and most pleasant under the mentorship of a highly qualified and experienced editor, increasing the quality of the work and subsequently opening the possibility of higher income by editing better.

Regarding the care for freelancers’ satisfaction, there are work-related and communication aspects. Besides respecting the freelancers’ chosen schedule and expertise area, the adequacy of deadlines (adapted to the length and editing difficulty of the articles) makes the work more enjoyable than stressful. Furthermore, the transparency of the payment system, the easiness of invoicing each month’s work, and the possibility to verify all the invoices and on-time payments contribute considerably to work satisfaction. Communication via emails is highly preferred, but a project manager is always online in the working platform’s chat for urgent questions. Furthermore, besides professional and work-related guidance, the relationship managers conduct one-to-one video calls with the freelancers to realize a better and more meaningful connection. Although discussing work-related issues during these calls is possible, the main aim is to encourage the sense of team membership, which I, personally, find admirable in such a big, multinational company.

One personal cause of work satisfaction for me is that because of the broadness of my expertise area (Medical Sciences), I often have to document details regarding the articles I edit, which I consider a personal gain in knowledge of the newest research. I am glad, in all regards, with my choice of working for Enago as a freelancer, and I can only encourage those who feel this could be a fitting full- or part-time job for them to try it out.
PSE1059, Philippines
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have worked as a Freelance Copy Editor with Enago since 2014. I found Enago’s team very supportive. The turnaround time of assignments is very reasonable. I have never run out of assignments. In fact, I have declined many assignments as I always had my hands full of them.

Enago’s work environment is great! One of the Project Managers refused to be called “Sir” and called me “Buddy.” I always felt a sense of belongingness even if I worked remotely. All my issues and queries were resolved in the most courteous, cordial, and cooperative manner. At Enago, the freelancer is very much a part of solving issues and is actively involved through consultation and not just a recipient of one-sided decision.

In other words, at Enago, I was not simply a cold statistic identified by a number or only valued based on productivity and rating statistics. I was always treated with respect and consideration. My only regret is that my gradually fading eyesight and flailing fingers due to advanced age cannot offer more output, which I wish I could do if only to express my appreciation to Enago for accepting me in their unique culture.
MB404, United States
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have been a freelance editor with Enago for the past five years. For more than 10 years, I worked with several companies during my career as a freelance editor. As a company, Enago outshines my previous employers in many aspects.

First, the Project Managers are always available to help. They respond to queries and resolve issues ranging from unclear instructions to deadline extensions. The assignments are matched to the list of areas of expertise that I submitted. This ensures familiarity with assignments.

Each assignment is reviewed electronically and by an in-house editor. This combination provides an accurate assessment of editing and highlights areas needing improvement. In addition, it offers a feedback mechanism that enables editors to respond with any discrepancies.

Enago’s payment procedure is the easiest I have ever encountered. I submit my invoice at the beginning of the month (they send an email reminder). If I forget, the system automatically submits it for me. The funds appear in my bank account typically within one week.

The work is consistent overall. Similarly, deadlines are manageable and flexible if you communicate your needs when you know you need additional time. Of course, on infrequent occasions, your request might be denied, but this is to be expected in a deadline-driven environment, I hope that it is apparent that I am more than happy working with Enago. I will continue working for them as long as they will have me on their team.
PSE1730, Philippines
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I was introduced to Enago by a friend who was already working with the organization. I had worked as a copy-editor before pursuing my Masters degree, so I was interested in freelancing until I got a teaching position at a university.

I took the selection test with Physical Science as the subject matter. Upon receiving a positive response from Enago via email, I was ready to do my first assignment. Over time, I have edited files that are not only interesting but also enriching as a researcher. I particularly enjoy editing materials science files.

After months of working with Enago, I have realized that unlike in my previous copy-editing job, I have the liberty to perform edits as per my expertise & availability. Furthermore, Enago provides feedback on my edited files, which ensures that I continually improve my editing skills. There are times when I receive files that need extensive editing since most of the authors are non-native English speakers. Also, there are instances when I encounter sentences whose meaning is not clear. In those cases, I ask for clarification, which is easy to get as Enago staff is always available to answer queries via the online chat platform.

Now, as a full-time professor at a university, I am very happy that Enago does not require maximum words to edit per month. I get to work with files only when I am not teaching, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, when universities are transitioning to online classes, and teachers are engaged in distance learning. There has never been a shortage of assignments at Enago – even during the pandemic.

The invoicing procedure at Enago is efficient. Overall, I am extremely happy with the current rate.

Finally, I am grateful to be a part of Enago’s copy-editing team. I look forward to a long and successful working relationship with the company.
PSE1671, Turkey
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have been working as a freelance Enago editor for a while now. The assignment allocation is efficient, and the stream of work is consistent. You can choose and accept work based on what suits your schedule and expertise.

Most of the assignments are pre-submission journal articles written by ESL authors, thesis, dissertations, and academic books. As an editor, you get to choose from available assignments that you are comfortable to work on based on your subject matter expertise and schedule. So far, I have had the opportunity to edit articles submitted to top scientific journals from publishers such as Nature, Elsevier, Wiley, ACS, and others.

Deadlines are always adhered to, and top-quality editing is expected from each assignment. Editing quality is routinely assessed, and editors are provided feedback on their work regularly. Feedback has been beneficial to identify my strengths and weaknesses, especially any points of improvement that I need to incorporate into my work. Personalized feedback has allowed me to grow my editorial knowledgebase and consistently apply the industry's best practices to my work. Besides, additional training is scheduled in the form of monthly webinars and provided through informative emails ‒ both offer ongoing learning and improvement opportunities.

I must add that the word count-based rates are good, and I have always received payments on time, which has been—so far—a luxury in the freelancing world!

Overall, I am happy with my experience working at Enago, and I would highly recommend it to fellow academic editors.
MB1704, Cyprus
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I decided to apply to Enago for a freelancer appointment to complement my current freelancing activities in the Physical Sciences and Engineering, primarily driven by the innate desire to continue to work in the field of Medicine and Biomedicine in which I was educated.

I have been working for Enago since March 2020. I have tremendously enjoyed reviewing medically-related manuscripts that match my (active) scientific interests. While I ensure that my freelancing activities do not conflict with my active research endeavors and scientific interests, the work complements and enhances my skills as a researcher, reviewer, and editor.

The transition from the onset of the work has been particularly smooth. I have found daily communication easy and convenient, friendly, congenial, and efficient product managers, who are either accessible directly online (via the website), or via email.

Assignment invitations are submitted at regular intervals and provide ample opportunity to steer the workload or personal reading/editing interests given the plethora of available assignments on a broad range of subfields. I find it particularly important and constructive to receive rated feedback reports on completed assignments. This feedback allows me to gauge performance and redirect attention to aspects of the editing work that require improvements.

Given my other professional commitments, I have engaged with Enago on a part-time basis. The consistency of assignment availability and the flexibility provided by the set deadlines have allowed me to maintain a steady workload.

I have also been particularly impressed by the streamlined process that is set in place for budgeting and salary payments. It is highly efficient, simple, and centralized. The tasks are preset and automated and require minimal effort to complete via the Enago website.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work for Enago. I have enjoyed my work tremendously, and I do look forward to continuing productive collaborations.
MB1075, Philippines
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
Working with Enago is probably one of the best decisions I have made in my career as an editor. Enago has provided me with opportunities not only to earn enough but also to improve and develop my editing skills.

Assignments are given to me based on my subject expertise. Deadlines are also reasonable and are based on the complexity of the file. The Project Managers (PMs) see to it that assignments match my chosen subject areas. I find it convenient to email PMs directly whenever I have queries regarding any assignment, and they do deliver a quick response. The Editing team provides constructive feedback on my work, and they point out some strengths and areas of improvement noted in the file, which I find to be useful for editing future files. The payment procedure is also convenient. The team sends a monthly reminder to upload the invoice. I also get a chance to review my invoice, which is very effective and efficient at my end.

Flexible work arrangements are provided, which help me achieve a good work–life balance.

I am very grateful to be working with Enago. Having a sense of accomplishment with the company is what inspires me to work harder toward the same goal, which is to deliver quality to the clients as well as to achieve excellence.
MB1658, United Kingdom
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I applied for the role of a freelance editor at Enago after thoroughly going through the editing opportunities. I was sent my first assignment almost immediately after having completed the preliminary paperwork. I had some initial queries about uploading the completed document, but I was given very helpful feedback by the Editing team.

The work consistency is great, and I am always assigned work. I receive articles written by non-native researchers.

The Editing team at Enago is always extremely helpful and informative, and any queries are invariably dealt with very promptly. I have asked for a deadline extension once, and I was given the extension without any issue after carefully considering the client deadlines.

The invoicing procedure for Enago’s freelancers is simple and efficient. I upload my invoice for the previous month, within the following month, and the money is usually added to my preferred mode of payment. Over all it has been a pleasing experience working with Enago.
MB1463, Canada
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I joined Enago as a freelance science editor and have been truly enjoying working with them.

Upon hiring, Enago provides a complete package of guidelines to help you learn the technicalities of editing. They also explain their expectations from you. In order to guide you better, they provide detailed feedback on some of your edited assignments. I believe this feedback is very helpful; in my case, it helped me see my mistakes that I would not have noticed otherwise.

The Project Management Team at Enago is excellent; they do not over-burden you with work, rather accommodate you depending on your availability. If you are unable to work due to personal reasons, you can simply update your availability through your online workflow profile.

The editing assignments given to you are usually matched with your area of expertise, though there may be instances where you might be offered assignments from associated disciplines. This work is assisted- by their in-house editors and this not only ensures that the clients’ work is edited correctly but also helps widen the freelancers’ range of expertise.

As for the payment of your work, Enago has a very well-outlined procedure. The payments are always on time.

Overall, I am enjoying working with Enago as a freelancer, look forward to continuing working with them for a long time, and would recommend Enago to every freelance editor.
MB1260, United States
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I am very pleased with my experience with Enago. I was contacted via LinkedIn and the recruitment procedure was efficient and professional. The test was thorough and after completing this I filled in a form to state my areas of expertise so appropriate projects would be assigned to me.

The communication is excellent and I am contacted almost daily with offers of projects to take on. The emails very clearly state what is required from the editor as well as the deadline and fee. The editor then just has to select whether or not they are able to take on the project by clicking on one of two links. It could not be simpler. Feedback on the copy editor's work is given regularly to encourage professional development and to ensure that a high standard is maintained.

With regard to invoicing, Enago provides a template that is completed and submitted once per month and payment is received within one month.

I would recommend Enago to other copy editors for their professional approach and good communication.
BH1174, United Kingdom
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
Working as a freelance editor, my experiences with Enago have been very positive. At the time of hiring, after completing a short test assignment, the recruitment team was very helpful and efficient in terms of ensuring that the initial paperwork got sorted out.

This was all done quickly and I started receiving assignments thereafter. Assignments get offered to you by email and you also return them electronically. Everything is very clear and smooth—you skim through each assignment before deciding whether to accept it, and deadlines and payment amounts are always clearly specified. If there’s ever a query or a glitch, the Project Management team is always on hand to help. Through Enago, I have consistent, regular work and I get to edit some really interesting research which adheres well to my interests. Sometimes the quality of the English used in editing assignments is to a very good standard whilst at other times substantial intervention is required; it can be very satisfying to be able to garner and distil meanings that were intended by authors but were lacking because they’re not native English speakers. Beyond editing I also complete other assignments specifically geared towards academic publishing in the form of journal selection reports and pre-submission peer-reviews for prospective authors. I particularly enjoy the latter; they’re stimulating and put my subject knowledge to the test. I regularly receive feedback on completed assignments from the freelance quality team at Enago which is a good way to gauge how I’m doing and ensure that I keep working to maintain required quality standards. In terms of getting paid, you keep a record of each assignment you’ve completed and submit this invoice electronically once a month. I’ve never had a problem with this system—submitting invoices is straightforward and I’ve always been paid on time and for the amounts I’ve claimed. I am now offered a contract which guarantees me a minimum monthly income. I still get to work as before – flexibly, from home, and with no compulsion to accept assignments if my schedule is full. Overall I find the work that I do stimulating and rewarding; it puts my qualifications and experience in research and teaching at different universities to good use, and I would recommend Enago to those who are considering engaging in this line of work.
PSE1118, United States
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have been editing with Enago since the past few months and overall, the experience has been overwhelmingly positive. I receive assignments on a regular basis at a frequency that takes into account my availability. My hours can be irregular but Enago has been very accommodating and flexible. Feedback on my completed assignments has been very helpful and has allowed me to improve my editing skills. As an editor with Enago, you can decide whether to work on an assignment depending on the subject area and available time.

The assignments can be accepted, rejected, or additional time to complete an assignment may be requested. It is a very flexible arrangement. The content of the assignments is often very interesting to read and it feels good to help scientists convey their research in more fluid and improved language. The assignments are often within my expertise, but sometimes they are only peripherally related to my area of expertise. I view this positively, as editing content outside my immediate knowledge sphere expands my overall scientific literacy. For those looking for a regular source of income, Enago offers a contract that ensures assignments of a fixed minimum word count for a fixed minimum salary. Payment is straightforward and regular. I consistently receive payments within one month after submitting an invoice. I highly recommend editing for Enago if you are a person who is meticulous and loves to read science. Working for Enago is a great way to make some extra income while helping non-native English speakers put forth their excellent research work.
MB1081, United States
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I was contacted by a representative from Enago to see if I was interested in freelance editing work. I had to take a short editing test, following which I was accepted into the Enago team. After completing the requisite paperwork, I was assigned my first set of editing tasks.

The documents were written by non-native English speakers and my job was to edit the text as per the requirements and rules provided. In spite of these challenges, I enjoyed working on all my initial assignments and have been enjoying my time with the company, ever since. Over time, my experience with Enago has helped me learn more about the editing process and become a better editor. Another great aspect of working for Enago is the flexibility that it provides. I can work from anywhere and at anytime during the day, as long as I finish my assignments within the deadlines provided.

Enago also has a very reliable system of payment. I upload my invoice for the assignments I have edited and receive my payment in the following month. Furthermore, I am satisfied with the editing rates that I am paid.

Overall, I am happy to be part of the Enago team and look forward to many more productive years with the company.
PSE942, Australia
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
The communication process at Enago is very smooth and streamlined. Since there are editing teams working to cover all hours of the day, replies to inquiries and requests for clarification will usually be received quickly, regardless of the time of day.

The assignments provided range over different areas and exhibit varying quality in the original English, but I am able to accommodate the vast majority of the topics offered to me, indicating that the distribution of assignment topics to editors is fairly well organized.

I received editing feedback for one of my earlier assignments, which brought my attention to several Enago formatting standards that I have since automatically accommodated into my subsequent assignments. These standards are provided to editors, but can initially be overwhelming when getting used to the workflow process. Hence, the initial feedback was very useful in bringing attention to particular standards that may not have been initially observed.

The flexibility in assignments at Enago is rather good. Because of the smooth communication process previously mentioned, extensions in deadlines, both short and long, can easily be discussed with the editing team. Should a period of unavailability arise, it is also extremely simple to notify Enago, after which they will promptly note the relevant dates.
MB751 , Canada
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
Enago representatives have been very prompt and helpful since the very beginning of my professional relationship with the company.

Within a few days of completing the preliminary documentation, I received my first assignment—an abstract of about 250 words. After delivering the edited file, I was elated to see that I had been sent another one; since then, I have received assignments regularly and I have so far got the opportunity to work on numerous assignments till date.

Every initial assignment email contains all the relevant information that an editor would require to prepare the deliverable files in an accurate and timely manner – the Editor Handbook or the templates for any additional files that may be required. The manuscripts are almost by definition at the cutting-edge of science, and learning is constant. My background in general medicine and basic science at a translational level enables me to work on assignments that belong to various fields of medicine and biomedical research. This variety adds to the overall great experience of working with Enago. The Project Management team takes exquisite care to select assignments that match my primary fields of expertise and strives to ensure that the time provided for each assignment is sufficient; not only are they are always prompt in replying to my queries, but they also take the time to contact me personally every time there is a new assignment that requires a faster turnaround than usual or would represent additional workload. Holistically, the entire process of assigning work to freelance editors is very flexible and allows me to accept the amount of work that fits my schedule.

The feedback is continuous and immensely helpful—the personalized monthly feedback report details a wealth of aspects regarding my performance, including assignment-specific comments. Moreover, the Project Management team makes every effort to take the comments of the freelance editors into account by further streamlining the standard procedure for working on and delivering the assignments.

The payment process is efficient, simple, and reliable, and the payments are wired directly to my bank account.

It is a privilege to find myself at this interface between the researchers and the research community and to do my best to facilitate this vital communication as part of Enago’s mission. As a passionate advocate of science and lifelong learning, I am very grateful for this excellent opportunity to learn and grow and I look forward to continuing this tremendously rewarding collaboration.
MB755 , United States of America
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
Before joining Enago, I had worked as a research biologist at a university for 15 years, and after re-location to another state, I was looking for a home-based, flexible position that would allow me to remain in the scientific arena.

I saw Enago advertising for scientific editors on a job website and thought that this may be a good fit for me. After completing the required tests and paperwork, in the first month, I was sent some small assignments, which allowed me to learn their protocols for editing and submission, and also provided a baseline of my editorial standards to Enago. With time, I began to receive more and more assignments and was then asked if I would like to more formally join the team by signing a one-year contract.

Post signing the contract, I have been receiving a steady stream of assignments under my area of specialty, ranging from small manuscript submissions to larger (book/thesis) documents. They range from very-well written pieces to others that require substantial intervention. The work is engaging, rewarding, and I enjoy keeping up with current scientific developments.

The teams involved are always very helpful if I have any questions, and the feedback protocols are prompt, helpful, and ensure that my work is quality controlled. Leaves can be pre-booked and Enago is understanding and accommodates my needs.

I am very happy with the way that things are progressing with Enago and look forward to continuing this relationship with then for a long time to come.
MB762 , United Kingdom
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
Before Enago, I had prior experience in editing scientific manuscripts. As I was not satisfied with the consistency of workload then, I started looking for new opportunities and when I learned that Enago is looking for copyeditors, I immediately applied on their website.

Within a few days, I received a test that I had to edit and return within two days. Enago was happy with my editing skills, and after completing the required paperwork, I started receiving assignments. In general, my role involves correcting the grammar and structure of various scientific documents that were authored by non-native English speakers. The authors’ standard of English and manuscript-writing skills vary with assignments. Some authors express themselves very clearly and correctly, which then requires minimal intervention; however, authors requesting substantial editing often are just developing their English and manuscript-writing skills, and these assignments require relatively more intervention. I am happy with the consistency of work given to me by Enago and with the helping nature of the team in accommodating any required deadline extensions. Further, the invoicing process is very straightforward: I need to upload my invoice from the previous month, and I receive the money via PayPal.

Before I started receiving assignments, I had to go through a style guide, which contained most standards and requirements of Enago. I found this form of introduction very useful, and I still go back to it and check certain issues when in doubt. The clear expectation setting between the two involved parties was extremely useful. Besides that, I receive monthly reports, which provide feedback about my performance alongside very useful advice. The Enago team is extremely helpful in guiding freelancers with their queries and usually reply within minutes. In addition, Enago treats me with respect and maintains a friendly, but professional, relationship.

In general, I enjoy working in the editing team of Enago, and if you are looking for new opportunities as a freelance copyeditor, I encourage you to contact them immediately.
MB700 , United States of America
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
Looking for the perfect match for your analytical, technical, and writing skills? In my experience, Enago has been an excellent partner in allowing me to pursue my professional interests in scientific editing. I have found them to be consistently outstanding in their professionalism, communication, and flexibility of assignments.

Although my specialty is microbiology, I have received interesting and diverse assignments from both primary and secondary areas of interest. The ability to choose assignments based on my current workload, level of comfort with the topic, and services required gives me the adaptability I need. I have edited short assignments such as abstracts and posters as well as 5000 word reviews and manuscripts.

The payment procedure is simple and efficient, reflecting Enago’s overall style. It allows for client input, which also reflects Enago’s commitment to feedback and customer service. The proprietary editing manuals and individualized monthly feedback messages have been invaluable. I would not hesitate to partner with ENAGO again for a productive, collaborative work experience.
MB719, United States of America
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
Overall, I have been very pleased with my relationship with Enago. When I first signed up, I was given smaller copyediting assignments to “get my feet wet” so to speak. During this time, I was also given feedback on my work, which greatly helped me in knowing I was moving in the right direction. I was gradually given larger assignments in copyediting and was eventually inducted into substantive editing. Their approach to each new assignment is very professional and helpful, and I was given supportive documentation as well as feedback when I began working on the substantive edits, similar to when I started.

Throughout this duration, I have been very happy with the communication and support. Every interaction I have had with Enago has been professional and helpful. Assignments are sent via email with all the required information: due dates, the specific topic, word count, and proposed fee. You are given the opportunity to review the assignment before deciding to accept to ensure your comfort with the subject area. Any questions you may have are answered promptly. The level of intervention required varies, but I feel like they send you a good balance of heavy vs. light edits, that is, a good mix of copy vs. substantive edit. It is true that some assignments do take longer than others, but that is usually offset by another assignment that goes quicker than anticipated.

Handling the invoicing and pay is quite easy. A monthly invoice is all that is required. They will check it for you to make sure it is correct, and the following month your pay is sent out. I have even missed an assignment in my invoice and they corrected it for me resulting, in a larger pay, which speaks volumes about their professionalism and integrity.

As an academic researcher myself, the flexibility has been crucial. When I have been busy with my own impending grant and paper due dates, all that was required from me was a simple email to Enago stating my unavailability and it was taken care of. When I finished my grant, I emailed them back stating I was available and the assignments started coming in again.

In summary, I have been impressed with the professionalism of Enago. As a freelancer, I feel respected and an important member of the Enago team. The work is consistent, the pay is fair, and they respect your flexibility.
BH696, Australia
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I have found Enago to be a highly professional and customer-oriented company who care deeply about the quality of work provided, and the positivity of relationships between editors, the editorial team, and clients.

I receive daily communication from Enago to let me know of upcoming assignments. Generally I receive ample warning for assignments due, though occasionally urgent requests come in, and I try to do these whenever my schedule allows. Enago are friendly and prompt in their communication.

The assignments I am given are always on topics relevant to the fields I work in. I specialize in psychology and philosophy and have been lucky enough to edit assignments across diverse areas within these fields, ranging from ethics to phenomenology, and from personality psychology to cognitive neuroscience. I enjoy the breadth of assignments I receive and appreciate that they relate to areas of interest for my own research.

Excellent feedback mechanisms are in place to make sure that new editors learn as much as they need to know about Enago’s editing style. Every month editors receive a report detailing feedback on assignments completed during that month, and occasionally receive in-depth feedback on particular assignments (via an in-house editor completing a spot check on that assignment). I have found both sources of feedback invaluable; each time I learn about new aspects of the editing process to focus on and this improves my overall skill set as an editor.

Payments are always prompt and the monthly invoice amount is always double-checked by Enago staff. Editors keep their own invoices, but these are checked over by Enago when submitted each month, and errors are pointed out immediately.

I have found work to be very consistent since I started. I started my relationship with Enago by completing a few short assignments every week, and then begun taking on longer jobs. More recently, I moved on to completing substantive editing assignments in addition to copyediting ones. I receive about as much work as I am able to fit comfortably into my weekly schedule, which is fantastic. In addition, I have the flexibility of refusing assignments if I need to. For example, if I am working hard on a presentation, I can let the Enago editorial team know that I will be unavailable to take on assignments for a few days. In return, I try to return that same flexibility by being available to complete urgent assignments whenever possible.

All in all I have greatly enjoyed the journey of improving my editing skills through working with Enago and look forward to an ongoing professional relationship. The variety of assignments and flexibility of work is a great bonus of working for Enago, as is corresponding with the friendly editorial team who deliver and receive assignments. It is also very exciting to be involved in helping non-native English speakers publish first-rate research in internationally respected journals.
PSE623, United States of America
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
Enago understands the importance of communication and always responds swiftly to any email I send; if my query regards an active assignment, I can expect a response within 30 minutes, often less. While most of the assignments I receive are in keeping with the specialization I have, a few have been slightly outside of my expertise. I actually enjoy getting them, however, because they always prove interesting and I've shown myself that I'm capable of editing them. I really like the new prompt feedback mechanism in place; every month, I'm sent a list of the assignments I've completed along with Enago's in-house editors' feedback on the work I did. This has proven a very effective way for me to learn what types of edits they like to see and what types they don't. I was nervous about the payment procedure at first, but the monthly wire transfer goes through every month without a hitch, and my payment usually arrives earlier than expected. The consistency and flexibility of work are the best things about working with Enago: I am sent multiple assignments almost every day, which keeps me busy and brings in the cash flow I desire, and Enago is flexible in working with me to extend deadlines as necessary so I am able to accept more assignments from them. All in all, Enago is a great company to work with.
MB656, Denmark
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I contacted Enago after spotting a job advert regarding a position as a freelance editor on Naturejobs.

Having passed the initial tests and completed the preliminary paperwork, almost immediately I was sent my first assignment. Initially, all I did was copyediting, and texts could be anything from 100 to 5,000 words or so, ranging from small abstracts to major, original articles. My own field is microbiology and infectious diseases, but I quickly learned that my skills could be put into good use in other scientific fields, and so I regularly copyedit papers on gastroenterology and hepatology, oncology, cardiology, ophthalmology, intensive critical care, etc. A couple of months later, Enago invited me to do substantive edits as well, which involves rearranging text material, editing for coherence and clarity, and formatting papers. Sometimes, I also produce cover letters meant to accompany article submissions. On the odd occasion, I also edit powerpoint presentations, conference talks, and letters of rebuttal, and a couple of times I have assisted authors in identifying relevant journals for publishing.

The Project Management team at Enago is always very helpful and informative, and they respond promptly to any sort of query either by phone or email. A monthly report provides me with feedback on many aspects of the previous month’s work, on an assignment-by-assignment basis. Of course, such reports are extremely valuable for my ability to review my work and to know about where I need to improve.

The invoicing procedure for Enago’s freelancers is simple and efficient. I upload my invoice for the previous month within the first five days of the following month, and the money is usually in my bank account via wire transfer shortly after. On an hourly basis, rates can vary quite a bit among assignments, but overall I am extremely happy with the current rates paid.

I really enjoy the work. Not only do I like the very process of editing, but I also enjoy the way Enago enables to keep up a perfect pace; I rarely feel overloaded with work, and on the other hand the Project Management see to it that I always have a bit of work on my plate. Even though I have a full-time job as a senior scientist, I enjoy doing a bit of editing in the evenings and sometimes during weekends. Editing makes me lose track of time and space. Working with Enago has certainly nurtured and expanded my interest in refining and improving scientific texts.
MB190, United States of America
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
After a long career in the pharmaceutical industry, I found myself searching for work a number of years ago. In addition to my scientific work, a part of my previous work experience had been evaluating data and preparing various reports, summaries, presentations, and portions of regulatory documents, so I had a significant amount of experience in reviewing and editing scientific and technical documents generated by others and in writing and assembling original content. I had always enjoyed those aspects of the work as much as I enjoyed performing lab work. In addition, I had always enjoyed reading and writing during my school years. This combined experience provided a set of skills that helped me to understand the general scientific methods used in research and development, comprehend the specifics in areas in which I had worked or had interactions with, and to transform scientific and technical content into well-written documents aimed at a specific audience. Through contacts, I was put in touch with Enago, which seemed to offer work that might match up well with some of my skills.

My first contact with Enago Occurred when the company provided me with the opportunity to edit some test documents and gave good feedback on the quality of the editing. Not having worked professionally as an editor before, I probably went through a longer initial period of assessment than one for an experienced editor, during which I received periodic feedback on the various manuscripts that I edited. All of this was helpful, and I would say that the interactions, even though always online, conveyed a sense of friendliness and encouragement, with the goal of getting a new editor to a point where the edited manuscripts met the company’s quality standards. This period gave me the opportunity to learn the work flow and adjust to the close deadlines that are part of the industry.

I fairly quickly began to receive more work in subject areas that I thought were appropriate for my background, and I can say that I have enjoyed the work routine and daily interactions with Enago staff. The primary interactions are with the Project Management Team (PM) members, who assign work and respond to any questions or issues that might arise. The PM members are friendly and helpful and generally respond quickly. Occasionally, quality issues arise either as a result of internal review of finished work or from clients. These situations are rare, but when they occur, I review the questions or issues raised and provide good responses with an eye toward critically evaluating my work to see if I should have done something different. I have found these types of interactions to be useful because it allows me to see how others might have revised something or to see things that I might have missed. I think the internal editors also learn from these interactions, so overall, a good two-way interaction is maintained when needed. Another regular type of interaction is through the monthly quality feedback reports that each editor receives. These reports give you a good sense of how you are performing in various subject and editing areas, with personal feedback provided by individual review editors on many of the jobs edited the previous month. Client feedback, when provided, is also recorded. The payment procedure has always worked smoothly. I upload my monthly invoice at the beginning of the next month and receive payment generally within the first 10 days of the next month. The payment and tax procedures have been streamlined and work well.

Fortunately, I have been able to work full time and am able to adjust my schedule to one that I am comfortable with. Assignments may be accepted or rejected depending on your own comfort level with the job or on your work schedule. I am generally able to take on as much work as I want, but there is some ebb and flow throughout the year. I now work under a full-time contract. This is a new system, but it has worked well so far. I like knowing that I can stay busy, work my own schedule, and expect to earn a known average monthly income. Overall, my experience with Enago has been very pleasant. The company has high standards, and I enjoy helping to turn average to poorly written manuscripts into well-written manuscripts suitable for publication in some of the best journals in the world. The variety of subjects within the subject areas that I cover provides constant interest. The personal interactions with Enago staff in various areas have always been extremely warm, professional, and encouraging. I enjoy being part of a company that has a well-established reputation for quality within the industry.
MB338, United States of America
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
My work with Enago mostly involves editing in biology-related fields. I receive, and turn over, assignments with sufficient regularity to occupy about 3/8 of my working time, which is just right for me. Assignments are usually given enough time for completion so that this point is of little concern to me.

I've been satisfied with Enago’s quality-control and feedback-reception practices. My only other experience with a large scientific editing house was with an American one, and I was much less impressed with the competence of their in-house editors and with their reception of feedback, which was never invited and as a rule ignored.

Payment has always been prompt, and with the opening of Enago’s U.S. office, no longer is discounted by wire-transfer fees, which I appreciate. Communication is by e-mail, sometimes by telephone in case of an urgent assignment request.

From what I can see, the company has a good business model and is executing it well. It’s a pleasure to be part of it. Last year, Enago introduced an annually renewable contract providing for a set minimum average monthly income to the freelancer and formalizing the freelance editor's obligations to the company with respect to confidentiality, noncompetition, quality compliance, etc.
MB579, United States of America
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
As one of Enago's freelance editors, I can tell you that the company backs you up in every conceivable way. Workflow is reliable, with assignments submitted in full accord with the editor's areas of expertise. Enago's staff, unfailingly courteous, professional, and fully engaged, are eminently accommodating. Emails are answered swiftly and smartly, and assistance is available 24/7. Deadlines can often be extended upon request.

Enago's technology is also topnotch, with assignments being readily downloadable. Their tutorials and style guides are obtainable online. Invoice forms are provided to facilitate payment and money is directly deposited in the editor's own bank account, securely and dependably.

If you are contemplating a career in freelance editing with a globally-positioned company whose business continues to burgeon, Enago would be a very wise choice!
PSE280, Canada
freelance English Editors: freelance editors, freelance proofreaders at Enago
I’ve been a freelance editor for much of my working life – well over 25 years. Those of you who rely on freelance editing for the majority of your income will know that a reliable “bread and butter” client is gold. I’ve worked with Enago and am happy to recommend them as a client.

Overall, Enago’s communication mechanisms are effective. Turn-around-time in response to email queries is often virtually instantaneous. The automated backend systems – i.e., assignment acceptance/rejection confirmations, web-based upload form  are sufficient if a bit quirky occasionally. Enago provides style guides, formatting guidelines, rating rubrics, and a monthly performance report, which is often helpful, particularly when it includes comments from authors.

You are free to accept or reject any assignment, and assignments are usually well-matched to your specified areas of expertise. Many of the papers that I receive come from world class research institutions and are very interesting. Recently, Enago has offered some freelancers the opportunity to work under contract whereby they guarantee a minimum monthly quota of work that you are obligated to complete. The minimum threshold is relatively low and offers surety of income. Contract terms are reasonable and flexible.

The quality of writing varies widely in a given month. Overtime the work and pay balances out to a reasonable amount, particularly considering that you do not have to solicit or manage clients. The work is dependable and payment is reliable. Enago provides a very straightforward invoice template. I have been particularly impressed by the people in the accounts department.

In fact, in my experience, all of the people you deal with at Enago are first rate  professional, unfailingly polite, and considerate.
MB233, United Kingdom
Editor testimonial: freelance academic editors, freelance medical editors
I started working for Enago about a year and a half ago. Over that time, we have built up a good working relationship which is very much a two-way process.

Enago is a very organized and efficient company. They are scrupulous in their adherence to deadlines, but nevertheless can be flexible when required, as long as they are kept informed. Any queries I have or clarifications I require are always dealt with promptly. Their online systems for transferring files are very effective which makes for quick sending and receiving of files (barring any more general internet glitches). They keep careful records and accounts and always pay their editors on time.

Their attention to detail is legendary; their in-house editors double-check every document to ensure that no stray comma passes them by! They provide monthly performance reports which include an assessment of the editor’s work by the in-house team, as well as occasionally sending more detailed assessments of an individual assignment. This certainly helps to ensure that their editors do not become careless! It is also useful to know exactly what aspects need more care and attention.

So far I have worked on a range of documents and projects covering different subject areas but always taking account of my previous experience, which has made my workload interesting and varied. I feel that a good relationship has been established between myself and the editorial coordinators, and it feels very much like a team effort in delivering work that will meet (or even exceed) the client’s expectations. The time allowed for an assignment is variable but is generally a few days, making deadlines manageable. If work is required for an urgent deadline, the editorial coordinators always check first that the request can be accommodated, and in general, they try to allow as much time as possible for work to be completed.

I believe we have developed a mutually beneficial relationship and I hope this will continue in future!
MB300, Canada
Editor testimonial: freelance manuscript editors, freelance biomedical editors
My overall experience working for Enago has been positive. It had been a number of years since I had edited in the medical field, but their training process helped me get back into it gradually. They added different elements to each assignment so I could get to know their expectations. Throughout this process, communication was frequent and helpful. I work in several subject areas now, most of them medical, and I learn something new every day.

I find freelance work for Enago to accord well with my other job: running a household and looking after my four children. I have freedom to meet family needs while still working toward editing deadlines and making a decent second income. The editorial staff at Enago understands when a family matter comes up, but they take deadlines seriously because they want to provide the best possible service to their clients. I have been a freelance editor for many years working directly for clients myself, so I understand this motivation.

My pay has always come in a timely manner. Communication with the payroll people is excellent. Their cross-checking system precludes errors. They are always ready to answer inquiries or provide information as needed.

Working electronically as a freelancer saves so much time and eliminates many of the difficulties of office life. Who would have thought even 10 years ago that so much could be done via email? But at the same time, the people at Enago do call from time to time on the telephone, to discuss work issues and special circumstances surrounding an assignment. I appreciate the opportunity to talk to them; it makes the whole experience of working for Enago seem more real, like putting a voice to the names at the bottom of my email messages.

I enjoy working for an international company, taking assignments written by people from all over the world, on a diverse range of topics. I can almost feel myself becoming more valuable as an editor as I research unfamiliar terms and push myself to meet deadlines. Enago’s feedback process has also helped me in this area as well. As a freelancer working for individual clients, I never took the time to do a comprehensive summary of all the subject areas I’d worked in over a given time period, or evaluated my performance at various aspects of the job. I am grateful to have this information on a monthly basis now, along with a reasonably steady workload and income.
PSE414, New Zealand
Editor testimonial: freelance academic editors, freelance medical editors
I really enjoy the diversity of tasks I get and the topics are mostly very interesting. The payment procedures are really good and flexible. I have a good rapport with the coordinators. They are very flexible about extending deadlines and I really appreciate this. I am also very happy with the quantity and variety of the work I receive. I have worked on subjects as diverse as nanotechnology, robotics and statistical methods, and have learned much from these topics.

Besides having high expectations of its editors, Enago has a very efficient two-way feedback system that enables editors to improve their editing skills while feeling a sense of team belonging. During the time I have worked for Enago, I have really appreciated their feedback and transparency. In fact, when I landed this job I felt like it was my dream job, working from home, doing what I have always loved doing (writing), even though the papers are not my own.
PSE492, United States
Editor testimonial: freelance academic editors, freelance medical editors
Working for Enago as a freelance editor has been an interesting journey! Every single person who contacts me is polite, professional, and good humored. They respond to emails and Google Talk communications in real time (at crazy times, if you do the math and figure out your time zone vs. theirs in Mumbai.)

Enago has a very careful and impressive system for ensuring that no client assignments get lost or delayed with respect to deadlines.

The danger for such far flung team members like myself is to feel detached and unsupervised, with little understanding of how to improve. Thus, I appreciate very much that Enago asks for feedback on our experience as freelance editors. The Enago Recruitment Coordinator has been very quick in her appreciation of my queries and feedback regarding my experience, suggestions, and desire to improve the quality of my editing. In response to my requests, in recent weeks, I have received very helpful, and sometimes painful, reminders that my work can be greatly improved. The Quality Assurance team does not miss any of our mistakes. I have also been impressed with the consistency in the number of assignments that Enago sends me each week. Although I can’t always anticipate the schedule of their arrival in my inbox, even with the variations, there is an overall consistency in the weekly volume of work.

Enago is extremely flexible in the amount of work they send to you, depending on your communication about what you are capable of doing each week. They also hold back on assignments when you give them advanced notice of your unavailability at certain times. So overall, you have the best of working worlds whereby you work from home as you like, turning the flow off and on as your schedule demands.

Yeah Enago!!
BHSC39, Australia
Editor testimonial: freelance academic editors, freelance medical editors
I enjoy the variety of documents I receive for editing and appreciate the clear instructions, which accompany each assignment. The assignments match my skill set and their diversity ensures that the job remains interesting and enjoyable. I also appreciate the swift response to any queries regarding the assignments from the editorial coordinators. Further, communication with all departments has always been professional, concise, and prompt. Although consistency of work fluctuates, I appreciate being placed in a primary editor pool for particular clients.

The monthly performance reports are much appreciated as they assist me to continuously improve my performance as an Editor. They also serve as a wonderful motivator, as positive feedback is always encouraging.

To date, payment from Enago has always been prompt. The procedures for submitting invoices are simple and the assistance offered by the Accounts & Finance team has always been helpful.
Editor testimonial: freelance academic editors, freelance medical editors
A few days after I completed the required paperwork to begin my association with Enago, I was given the opportunity to familiarize myself with the editor handbook; this was extremely useful since it gave me an idea about the expectations of Enago from me as an editor. A few days later, I received my first assignment from a subject area that I was familiar with. While I had prior experience in writing and editing academic manuscripts, doing so in line with the client expectations required considerable effort. In this regard, I must mention that the first feedback I received from Enago was immensely useful in conveying the expectations of clients from an edited manuscript.

I found Enago to be extremely professional in every respect, from assignment allocation to feedback and payment, and queries are always dealt with promptly. The assignments are not always allotted from the chosen subject areas; however, in most cases, they are a close match. The editorial team generally tries to accommodate requests for deadline extensions, if feasible. The assignments are by-and-large reasonably written although there are exceptions. The monthly feedback received from Enago is very useful in conveying how closely the work from the previous month matches expectations, and provides pointers on how to further improve your edit quality. Eventually, I entered into a full-time contract with Enago, and while enjoying the same flexibility of schedule or leave, I like the consistent work load that I now get.

The invoice procedure followed by Enago is simple and efficient. Enago is very punctual with payments, and I have not faced any discrepancy of any kind with the same.

Overall, my experience with Enago has been very positive, and I look forward to many more years of association with the company.
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