Freelance editors play a pivotal role in our business model and help us in ensuring author satisfaction by editing academic papers meant for publication in highly acclaimed international journals, across a vast range of subject areas. We are looking for freelance editors with high proficiency in the English language to work with us for our editing services.


Qualities we look for in our Editors

  • Proficiency and competence in the most widely spoken language across the world—English!
  • Knack for diligently editing, restructuring, and polishing articles written by non-native speakers, with least 5 years of relevant copyediting/academic editing experience.
  • Extensive subject matter expertise


Editor Profiles we prefer

  • Master’s/PhD/postdoctoral research experience (studies conducted, papers written/published, papers reviewed, etc.)
  • Certificate/experience in academic editing, publishing, scientific communication, journal article writing, etc.
  • Experience in editing ESL (English as a second language) manuscripts
  • Knowledge of the style (such as APA, CMS, AMA, CSE, IEEE, etc.) and conventions followed in academic writing
  • Member of acclaimed editing and publishing associations like EFA, EASE, BELS, etc.


Glimpse of what you would Edit

You will be assigned papers of varying difficulty levels (in terms of English, subject matter expertise, and the extent of revision needed) written by non-native speakers in either English or their native language (translated papers). These papers are written by what we believe constitute an eclectic group of authors and writers, i.e., we receive work from not only scientists, researchers, and students but also corporates, linguists, and the common man trying to communicate in English—from the latest in cutting-edge technology to the timeless fascination with history and arts!


Editor's Responsibility

  • Immaculate grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and word choice
  • Flow, transition, correct terminology, correctness of content, and coherence
  • Appropriate manuscript format* that conforms to academic conventions in terms of citation style, layout, section headings, and tense usage
  • Preservation of the author’s intended meaning even in papers where the content requires extensive revision


Editing Rates

We work with a 'per 1000 word' payment system; the assignment fees are calculated in the assignment email itself independent of the input quality (good, average, or bad) and further negotiation is not required. This optimizes both your time and ours, and lets us concentrate on the work at hand, while still assuring that you are adequately compensated for your work. Further, the rates offered by us are as per our pricing grid that takes into account different factors like qualification, years of relevant experience, test performance, industry standards, companies following twin-editing model, etc.

Ask a Question

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