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Tracking Research

Tracking Research By Usage

For many frustrated researchers, the academic publishing industry continues to move at a glacial pace. The Institute for…
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publishing project as separate articles

How Much of Your Dissertation Can You Publish as Separate Articles?

If three out of five of your book or dissertation chapters have been released as articles, will a…
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Most Common Mistakes Leading To Journal Rejection

You’re about to send your first journal article. You’ve done your research well, and are pretty confident that the research…
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Online Open Access Journals: The Wave of the Future

These are hard times for the print media. Newspapers and magazine subscriptions are declining and a number of…
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A Brief Guide to Style Guides

Authors are required to follow prescribed writing styles, formats and guidelines mandated by a research journal when submitting articles for publication. This is to ensure that an article is consistent with the language and presentation quality characteristic to that journal. The first step in preparing an article for publication is to check the requirements specified by the chosen journal.

Rejection without Peer Review: Issues and Solutions

A fact that is not very widely known or universally accepted by authors is that manuscripts may be rejected without the due and expected peer review process. While manuscripts have to go through the peer review process in order to be published, they can be rejected without peer review. For high-impact, general science journals, the majority of submitted papers may be rejected in this manner.

How to select the right journal for publication

Publication usually represents the culmination of most research efforts. The process of selecting the appropriate journal has become increasingly complex due to a number of reasons. Authors have to optimize between many criteria or constraints before reaching a decision about where to publish. Tips about the factors which need to be considered and the approach to be adopted are provided.

Understanding measures of journal quality and impact

Journals have differing recognition factors, either in a specific field or across multiple disciplines. The quality and impact of the journal is usually apparent through how widely it is read, how often it is cited, and its perception in the community. The quality and impact can be quantified in terms of various widely-accepted parameters, like the Impact Factor, SCImago Journal Rank, Article Influence, H-Index, which are described in this post.

Rejection of Scientific Papers – Part II

In evaluating a manuscript submitted for publication in a journal, a peer reviewer takes into account many factors. The primary considerations related to quality, originality and presentation are listed in the attached presentation. Based on these, suggestions are outlined, which would minimize the possibility of rejection.

Rejection of Scientific Papers – Part I

Researchers usually dread the prospect of having their manuscript rejected when it is submitted for publication, since it represents a big setback to their endeavors. There are myriad reasons for this, and it is essential to understand the fundamental considerations involved in maximizing the probability of acceptance. This post outlines the journal requirements and research aspects with relevant data.

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