What is Research Paper Plagiarism and How to Avoid It?

Using someone else’s words or ideas without proper attribution is called Plagiarism. It can be direct copy-paste or weaving sentences from multiple sources.

Use These Four Steps to Avoid Plagiarism in a Research Paper

Keep Track of Your Sources

As you do the background work for your research paper, you should keep a track of your sources and any useful information that you find in each source.


Cite Your Sources Properly

Citing as you write is one of the best ways to avoid research paper plagiarism unintentionally.


Paraphrase Correctly

Re-write the content using your own words, not simply rearrange the original sentence or change the original wording to incorporate synonyms.


Use a Plagiarism Checker

Once you have finished writing your research paper, use online tools such as Enago plagiarism checker to check for any passages that you may have plagiarized.