A Comprehensive Series on Clinical Research Writing: Part I — Protocol Writing

Session Agenda

A protocol acts as a road map for conducting clinical studies and is an important quality control tool. Therefore, a well-written and detailed protocol is essential to communicate the important elements of the research study to the investigators, federal regulatory agencies, and the Institutional Review Board (IRB). It elaborates on the essential part of a clinical trial such as its significance, methodology, how it is carried out, etc. Operational feasibility, compliance with ethical and regulatory guidelines, and generation of quality data are some other characteristics of a thorough research protocol.

Enago conducted a webinar in association with Clinixir which aimed to help researchers, medical practitioners, and health science professionals by providing important tips and necessary guidelines for developing a comprehensive standard research protocol. We also addressed some of the most frequently observed oversights and other mistakes while drafting a protocol.

Researchers will learn:

  • Importance of research protocol
  • What is a protocol review?
  • Factors to consider before writing a protocol
  • How to structure a research protocol
  • Tips for writing a clinical trial protocol
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
  • Recommended guidelines and template

Who Should Attend this Session? 

  • Early-stage researchers
  • Medical researchers
  • Health professionals
  • Clinical Research Professionals
  • Doctoral students
  • Senior Researchers

Who should attend this session?

  • Early-stage researchers
  • Medical researchers
  • Health professionals
  • Doctoral students
  • Postdoctoral Researchers
  • Senior Researchers

About the Speaker

Jenny Roy

VIP Editor for Biomedical Sciences, Enago

Jenny Roy is a board-certified medical laboratory scientist. She holds a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology and Epidemiology (cum laude) and has published in the Archives of Virology and the Journal of General Virology. She has broad experiences across many areas, including working in hospital laboratories, running a post-graduate molecular biology laboratory, and working as a technical and validation analyst at a commercial facility manufacturing ELISA test kits. Jenny has written several blogs and is an experienced textbook editor. She joined Enago in May 2017 and has edited 1,300+ manuscripts to date, with an Overall Client Satisfaction Index of 4.75 out of 5 (among Enago’s top 5% editors). In 2020, she became a VIP Editor for biomedical sciences in recognition of her consistent top quality editing.

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  • About the Speaker

    Jenny Roy

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