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Note from the Editor-in-Chief

Anupama Kapadia,Editor-in-Chief, Enago Academy

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted activities in the academic publishing industry from researchers to university faculties and research institutions to publishers. There is a lot of talk on the pandemic and its after-effects, both short and long term. However, the smaller aspects get lost in a flurry of information and the ultimate objective of capturing the risks involved along with the possible next steps is not met. Higher education in research universities should be the starting point of all discussions and this survey reports some basic yet interesting findings.

This report offers the scholarly and publishing community in-depth insights into the perspectives of faculty members and research students on different aspects of research education. We definitely plan to assess other research risks associated with the pandemic and are looking for partners to help with percolation and dissemination.

Please read the report and share your thoughts with us using the hashtag: #EnagoUniversitySurvey