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  Nov 21, 2017   Enago Academy
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Enago Academy

Holidays are in the air! This season, we have an exciting announcement for all our readers and subscribers.

Enago Academy is delighted to announce a Tagline Contest.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Suggest 5 taglines to enter Enago Academy’s Tagline Contest.

What’s in it for you?

The winner gets a $100 credit on our author services or an opportunity to write a featured article on the Enago Academy website (the choice is yours).


Q: Do you already have a tagline?

A: Yes, our current tagline is “Learn. Share. Discuss. Publish.”


Q: Can I submit multiples entries?

A: Yes, you may submit multiple entries.


Q: Should the tagline be submitted in English?

A: That’s correct. Your tagline needs to be written in English.


Q: How long should the tagline be?

A: The tagline should not be more than 45 characters long (including spaces).


Q: My grant is due in June 2018. If I win the contest, how fast do I need to use up the $100 service credit?

A: We will apply the credit to your account for a period of 12 months. By the way, good luck with your grant proposal!


Q: How would I benefit by authoring a featured article?

A: You could benefit in several ways. For example, adding the permanent link to your LinkedIn profile page (e.g., to the “Honors & Awards” section) will increase your odds of securing a full-time job in the industry.


Q: I have more questions!

A: If you have a question regarding the contest, please submit your tagline options first and then e-mail us at academy@enago.com with your questions. If you have a question related to academic manuscript writing and publishing, or anything in between, we also have a FREE Q&A service that you can avail of.


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