Connecting Scholarly Publishing Experts and Researchers: Interview with Charlie Rapple

  Nov 28, 2016   Enago Academy   : 0

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About Charlie Rapple

Charlie Rapple is the Co-founder as well as the Sales & Marketing Director of Kudos. Kudos is a web-based service that helps researchers, institutions, and funders maximize the visibility and impact of their published articles. Kudos provides a platform for assembling and creating information to help search filtering, for sharing information to drive discovery, and for measuring and monitoring the effect of these activities.

She is also an Associate Editor of Learned Publishing, a journal of the ALPSP that is published in collaboration with SSP. She is also the Honorary Secretary for the industry association UKSG whose mission is to connect the information community and encourage the exchange of ideas on scholarly communication.

Before Kudos, Charlie was the Associate Director at TBI Communications and was responsible for managing strategic business planning and marketing implementation for a range of prestigious clients, as well as developing new marketing services for scholarly and professional publishers. Charlie has also been the Head of Group Marketing, Publishing Technology, at Ingenta. She is also a regular contributor to The Scholarly Kitchen.

About the Interview

In this interview, Charlie discusses the need for services like Kudos as well as its impact on both early-stage and experienced researchers based in countries such as Japan, Korea, and China. Charlie will also be sharing the importance and relevance of Kudos in today’s publishing industry and the advantages of using it for researchers. She will also be sharing how Kudos has had an impact for researchers globally and the highlights for Kudos in the past few years. In particular, Charlie shares some specific examples with Enago Academy of how Kudos has benefited researchers as well as some insights into the upcoming technological developments that Kudos will be implementing in the coming months.


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