Academic Publishing—Writing, Submission, and Successful Publication

  Dec 11, 2017   Enago Academy
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This presentation is primarily targeted towards researchers who wish to submit their papers to top-notch international journals but face difficulty with the correct usage of language and grammar. In a system where experts from respective fields need to assess the validity, significance, and originality of the described work, it is imperative that the language quality of the articles submitted to such journals is good to avoid rejection at the peer review stage. Unfortunately, many papers that do not satisfy internationally accepted language requirements are rejected by the journal editors themselves and do not even reach the stage of peer review.

After this session, you will have more information about the following:

  • Awareness of publishing papers in English and structuring of academic papers
  • Importance of literature review and structuring of reference lists
  • Importance of providing pointers while writing content and effectively using academic English in your papers.
  • Preparing your paper for publication and journal selection
  • Discussion about the submission process and dealing with journal rejection

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Comments are closed for this post.