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Rejection/Resubmission Editing Package

Manuscript resubmission is not one of the pleasant occurrences in the course of manuscript writing-submission process. Almost every author has faced rejection by a journal at least once in his/ her publishing career; or more precisely, has received one of these four decisions:

  • Manuscript conditionally accepted; minor revisions required
  • Manuscript conditionally accepted; major revisions required
  • Manuscript rejected but journal is open to re-submission after major revisions
  • Manuscript rejected; revise and republish elsewhere

Survey: Manuscript rejection rate, Major reasons for rejections
Manuscript Rejection Rate is the percentage of manuscripts that get rejected by any Journal at any given time.
Source: Survey conducted by Enago among ESL authors in Japan, May 2009

Akin to Developmental Editing, Rejection / Resubmission Manuscript Editing is an english editing service specially created for authors whose manuscripts have been rejected or need to be revised before resubmission. Under this service, a project manager will first assess the peer reviewer’s comments vis-à-vis the needs of your manuscript, and then customize an editing service package to deliver a manuscript that is consistent with the expectations of the journal. Journal manuscript resubmission involves multiple rounds of editing and close correspondence between the editor and author. A certificate of editing is also provided for submission to the journal.

It is our goal that the manuscript resubmission process translates into acceptance in the target journal.

Resubmission manuscript editing package

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Editing expertise Editing Expertise

  • Average experience of our editors is 19.4 yrs
  • MS, MD or PhD degree from top universities of the world like Harvard, Yale, and MIT etc.
  • Native English speakers (from US, UK, Canada, and Australia)
  • A number of editors at Enago are published authors and former peer-reviewers
  • Enago editors have held reputed positions in various scientific societies and research publication industry

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Subject Areas

The vast experience of our editors and stringent quality-driven processes enable us to offer expert academic editing in the disciplines of Medicine, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering, Economics, Business, Management, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

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  • Enago is the flagship brand of Crimson Interactive and a leading provider of English Editing and English proofreading services for ESL authors. We have a large presence in Japan, China, and Taiwan and are continually expanding in Europe and the Middle East. Enago has one of the largest and most experienced editing teams in the world, with over 450 qualified editors covering an extensive range of subject areas.
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