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Revised/Rejected Paper Editing

Why?Why should I use this service?

This is a specialized editing service for authors whose manuscript is rejected by the journal or they have received reviewer's comments suggesting revisions. Most editing services do not specifically check to make sure all the reviewer comments are addressed. Under this service, we make sure revisions made to the manuscript are in line with the reviewer comments and you have addressed all the reviewer comments adequately. Our main objective is to improve the chances of getting it accepted on resubmission (either to the same or different journal). On completion of this service, your manuscript will be ready for resubmission either to the same journal or a different journal.

What?What does Enago do under this service?

Once you revise the manuscript and write responses to the reviewer comments, we do the following:

Step1You need to submit the following documents to Enago:

  • Original Manuscript submitted to journal
  • Revised Manuscript as per reviewers instructions
  • Reviewer Comments
  • Response to reviewer comments (Rough draft)*

Round 13-10 days

Step2Enago does the following:

  • We rewrite the Manuscript content to make sure it addresses reviewer concerns
  • We reformat the manuscript (if needed)
  • Rewrite response to referee comments in line with edited manuscript
  • Write a cover letter for revised/new submission
  • Report on whether all comments have been attended to

Author Check2 days

Step3The author needs to do the following:

  • Address concerns raised by the editor
  • Check rewritten response to referee comments
  • Check the cover letter

Round 23 days

Step4Enago does the following:

  • Clarify the author comments and make minor revisions if necessary
  • Finalize the manuscript, cover letter, response to reviewer, and report


Step5What Enago will deliver to you:

  • Edited Revised Manuscript ready to submit to the journal again
  • Edited response to referee comments in line with edited manuscript*
  • Cover letter for revised/new submission*
  • Final Report listing all major/minor issues and whether all comments have been attended to

*depending on submission to the same or new journal

SubmitWhat do I have to submit to Enago?

  • Original manuscript submitted to journal
  • Revised manuscript as per reviewers instructions
  • Reviewer comments
  • Response to reviewer comments (Rough draft)*

GetWhat are the deliverables from Enago?

  • Edited revised manuscript ready to submit to the journal again
  • Edited response to referee comments in line with edited manuscript*
  • Cover letter for revised/new submission*
  • Final report listing all major/minor issues and whether all comments have been attended to
Sample Report

A detailed report is provided by the editor listing down the changes made and the next steps.
View Sample Report

The pricing and turnaround time mentioned below is for one manuscript. In case you need the service to be completed faster, please email us at Our service manager will help you.

Word Count Delivery date - First Round Client return for final check Final Check Delivery Fee
0-2000 Words 3 business days 2  business days 2-3 business days 0.08 USD 0.1 USD per word
2001-5000 words 4 business days 2  business days
5001-10000 words 7 business days 3  business days
10001 words or more Please inquire - -

Below we have listed some commonly asked questions. In case you have any other question/query, do write to us at We will get back to you at the earliest.

QDo you also re-write the responses to the reviewer comments?

AYes, we will re-write if need be to ensure that the responses written by you are properly written and cover every question the reviewers have raised.

QDo you have after sales service? What if I have questions/queries?

AYes, we provide comprehensive after sales support. Please email us your queries at Our service manager will get in touch with you at the earliest.

QDo you submit the manuscript to the journal? Can you communicate to the journal on my behalf?

AYes, we can help you in these regards; however, this is not covered under Revised\Rejected Paper Editing. For such a specialized request, we have our Manuscript Submission Assistant Service. Do not hesitate to contact us with your request and we will surely help you.

QWhat if my paper gets rejected again? Will you help me again?

ATo Publication depends largely on the quality of your research and is a subjective decision that the journal editor takes based on several factors. In the rare case you do get rejected, we will certainly help you. Please email your queries to Your service manager will get in touch with you at the earliest.

I had no idea how to reply to reviewer comments. Thanks to your reviewer though who helped me with replying to reviewer comments and revising text to reviewers’ satisfaction. I appreciate it very much that you revised my manuscript so well. The expert helped me revise the entire paper and elaborated on my answers to reviewers. I am very happy!

T.K.-DoctorKyoto Second Red Cross Hospital

I had faced many rejections before I came to Enago! A subject expert helped me rewrite my manuscript and made sure all aspects such as were meeting reviewer requirements. I saved a lot of time and effort using. Thank you Enago!

Y.O.-DoctorFujita Health University Hospital

I would highly recommend their services to my fellow professionals. I needed an expert who could help me fix my paper extremely fast. Despite the very tight resubmission deadline, Enago offered me the best subject expert to rewrite my manuscript and delivered the assignment to my extreme satisfaction in a timely fashion. I got published! I did not agree with some of the reviewer comments I received but I did not know how to reply to them. I choose to seek Enago’s help. They did a fantastic job with expressing my thought in the reply to the reviewers and helped me revise my document. I can’t thank Enago more as the reviewers were convinced to accept my revised manuscript.

I. H. - DoctorNational Hospital Organization Saitama hospital

I received about 30 comments from reviewers. I had no idea what to do and how to answer the reviewers. I choose Enago’s services and they took care of all the needs. After the two rounds that are provided in this service, my document was made very smooth. Recommended!

H. O. - DoctorAlmeida hospital

My manuscript was above 10000 words and it had received a lot of criticisms from the reviewers. I approached Enago and they assigned me an expert. They helped me remove all the issues and helped me get published. Their service was very professional! Thanks.

Doctor at Nara University of Education

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