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Manuscript Submission Assistant

Why?Why should I use this service?

Journals often have complicated instructions for formatting and submitting papers. We understand that researchers often have urgent deadlines to submit their research work to journals. Hence, under this service, our journal submission experts with experience of submitting thousands of manuscripts to various international journals will, on your behalf, complete this tedious and often complicated process of journal submission.

What?What does Enago do under this service?

Once your paper is ready for submission, we can perform the time-consuming task of submitting your manuscript to the journal. Before submitting your manuscript to us, please ensure that your manuscript and figures are edited and formatted as per your target journal guidelines and are ready for submission.

How does this Manuscript Submission Assistant service work?


  • Upon receiving the payment, we will send a confirmation email with your assignment details.
  • For a smooth and stress-free submission process, we will prepare a submission checklist based on your target journal requirements. We will also send all the necessary forms (like authorship, copyright transfer form, etc.) on which your signatures are required, if any.

Process of submission:

  • Upon receiving all the necessary information from you, we complete the journal submission process— online or offline.

Post Submission:

  • We send you a report with submission details.

SubmitWhat do I have to submit to Enago?

  • Manuscript
  • Name of the journal and/or a web link (URL) to journal guidelines

GetWhat do I get?

  • Submission Report: It contains submissions details such as login id, password, date and time of submission, etc.
  • Cover Letter: A custom cover letter to the editor-in-chief of the journal you are submitting to.
  • Manuscript (after format check for the author to confirm)

Terms and Conditions

  • There may be some information required during the submission process that only the author can provide. Hence, we will send a list of required data and request you to provide it at the earliest. If such information is not provided, we will not be able to submit your manuscript, and any resultant delay will not be Enago’s responsibility.
  • We may need to be registered in your name for submission. By using this service, it is deemed that you have provided permission to us to do so.
  • This service does not guarantee acceptance/rejection of manuscript.
  • This service is valid for up to 3 submissions of one manuscript to the same journal.
Manuscript Submission Report

A detailed report is provided by the submission expert which contains all the submission details along with the next steps.
View Sample Manuscript Submission Report

The pricing and TAT for one manuscript is determined based on the word count. In case you need the service to be completed earlier, please mail us at Our service manager will help you.

Estimated Deadline Fee
It typically takes 3 business days once you give us all the information we ask from you. 160 USD 200 USD* per manuscript (This does not include the journal submission fee).

*Journal submission fee is paid separately directly to the journal. You can opt for us to pay on your behalf or you can pay directly.

Below we have listed some commonly asked questions. In case you have any other question/query, do write to us at We will get back to you at the earliest.

QIn case there is a submission fee involved, is that included in the fee for the Manuscript Submission Assistant service?

ANo, such fees are not included in the fee for Manuscript Submission Assistant service. You will be guided through the payment page of the journal website by your project manager, where you can pay the fee easily. In case you want us to pay these fee on your behalf, you’ll need to first pay the journal fee (plus a convenience fees of 20%) to us. We will then make the payment on your behalf and issue you a payment invoice.

QCan I make changes to the paper after submitting it to the journal?

ANo, once the paper has been submitted, it cannot be replaced with a revised version. However, upon acceptance the journal generally provides a proof copy of the manuscript at which time the changes are allowed.

QDo you check format for artwork under this service?

ANo, we do not format the artwork. In case you need formatting of artwork, you may mention so while confirming your order. We will send you a separate quote for the same.

QAfter using your submission service, if the journal returns my paper due to incomplete formatting, does it mean my paper has been rejected?

AIf for any reason the journal returns your paper due to incomplete formatting, it does not imply that the paper has been rejected. This is probably because journals sometimes do not mention all their author guidelines on the website. Papers that have been returned due to formatting issues can be resubmitted to the journal after resolving the issues. In such cases, we will reformat and resubmit your paper to the journal at no additional charge.

QDo you do word count reduction to meet journal guidelines under this service?

ANo, we do not do word count reduction under this service. We will inform you about any such criterion not met, and will guide you to meet the requirements.

QDo you provide after sales service? What if I have some queries/doubts?

AYes, we do provide comprehensive after sales service. Please contact us with any queries/doubts and we will be happy to help you with the same.

QAs part of journal submission, will you help me with the extra forms such as authorship agreement forms and copyright forms?

AJournals usually ask for all required information through the online submission system. However, certain forms such as author agreement forms and copyright forms require author signatures. In these cases, you are required to complete the forms yourself and fax them to the journal. However, we help you understand the requirements and instruct you how to fill the forms.

QWill you help me reply to the mails that I receive from the journal after the submission is complete?

AYes, if the journal sends you an email, we will frame a response.

QWhy do I need to give you my journal account username and password?

AAs part of Journal Submission, we create an account for you on the journal’s system. Since journals require you (the corresponding author) to submit the paper, we create this account using your details (such as name, email address, etc.). The journal may then email the login details to you. You need to send us these details so that we can operate your account for purposes like submitting your paper to the journal and tracking its progress.

QI asked you to submit my paper to the journal but you informed me that my paper is not ready for submission. What does that mean?

AOur primary goal is to increase your chances of publication. Therefore, before we submit your paper to the journal, we evaluate it to see if it conforms to all the journal’s requirements and whether any changes need to be made. We will inform you that your paper is not ready for submission and recommend that these changes be made before submitting the manuscript. If you can’t make these changes by yourself, we will guide you regarding which service you should choose to solve your problem.

Note: We strongly suggest that ESL (English as a second language) authors have their manuscript edited or proofread before submission. In addition, formatting and artwork guidelines should be followed. Please consider using our services to prepare the manuscript. Journal editors often reject manuscripts for peer review simply because these guidelines are not followed. Our service ensures that the chances of rejection on such grounds are minimized.

I found out first hand that submitting to an international journal is very difficult. They have a lot of instructions and paperwork to be done. I didn’t have that much time and I could not understand some of the requirements. So I took Enago’s help. They submitted my document successfully by completing all formalities themselves. I had a great experience using their service.

Y. K. - ProfessorHealth Sciences University of Hokkaido

Enago allocated an expert to do the submission work for me. The communication was very smooth. I was surprised that the submission process was completed with 2 days. I appreciate Enago manager for his good work.

D. S. - DoctorNagoya City University Graduate School

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