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Pre-Submission Peer Review

Why?Why should I use this service?

Professional reviewers of prominent international English journals offer valuable suggestions and comments to improve your paper. However, these journals normally take about 8-12 weeks to provide feedback after manuscript rejection. It is, however, possible before journal submission to know how to improve your paper. Using our peer review service, get comments from our experienced peer reviewers regarding the problems in your manuscript and how you can fix them, along with suggestions on how to further improve your paper to maximize your chances of journal acceptance.

What?What does Enago do under this service?

We offer peer reviewing of your manuscript by reviewers from reputed international English journals and your field of study. You also have the option to opt for up to 3 peer reviewers to review your paper.

Our Peer Review Report provides clearly segregated and detailed technical input for all elements of your manuscript.

The Peer Review Report details the following:

  • Thorough investigation of all research elements such as soundness of study design, reporting of method, significance to field, ethical soundness, and sufficiency of data analysis
  • Section-by-section review to pin point problem areas and suggest solutions
  • In-depth review of the paper quality in terms of clarity of presentation, organization and structure, evidence supports conclusion, adequacy of literature review, etc.
  • Detailed check of journal compatibility to minimize any chance of rejection
Our Peer Reviewers

Now get the option to choose multiple experts to review your manuscript!

Establish the validity of research based on the expert knowledge of multiple experts in your research discipline, therefore providing you even more valuable feedback to improve your manuscript and maximizing chances of publication.


  • Get multiple diverse perspectives
  • Diminish individual bias
  • Takes the same time as one reviewer
  • Best practice followed by most journals

SubmitWhat do I have to submit to Enago?

You need to submit the following:

  • Manuscript
  • Name of the journal and/or a web link (URL) to journal guidelines

GetWhat are the deliverables from Enago?

  • Peer Review Report: A comprehensive report with reviewer critique along with some constructive comments in your manuscript.
Peer Review Report Sample

The peer reviewer provides section-by-section analysis and a list of corrective steps required to improve the manuscript.
View Sample Peer Review Report

The pricing and turnaround time mentioned below is for one manuscript. In case you need the service to be completed faster, please email us at Our service manager will help you.

Service Deadline Fee
Single-Expert Peer review 7 business days 240 USD 300 USD per manuscript
Two-Expert Peer review 400 USD 500 USD per manuscript
Three-Expert Peer review 560 USD 700 USD per manuscript

Below we have listed some commonly asked questions. In case you have any other question/query, do write to us at We will get back to you at the earliest.

Q In case the name and URL of the journal I provide in the request form do not suit my manuscript, will the reviewer suggest me the best suitable journal?

AUnder this service, our reviewers will evaluate your manuscript in detail providing you feedback on quality of language, manuscript content, and quality of research; however, they will not suggest other journals that may suit your manuscript. For selecting a suitable journal for your manuscript, we provide another service: Journal Selection.

QWhat is the difference between editing and peer review services?

AUnder our editing services, our editor will check the language and flow of the paper. The editor will correct the language of the paper, provide suggestions to improve language, and clarify unclear/incomplete sentences.

Under the peer review service, the reviewer will evaluate the content of the study beside the language. The reviewer will highlight areas where the content needs refinement, and will provide suggestions to conduct more studies if needed. The reviewer will not make changes to the text of the manuscript.

QCan I ask questions after I receive the Peer Review Report?

AYes, you can contact us in case you have any question or if you do not agree with any of the reviewers’ comments for your manuscript.

QIf the Pre-Submission Peer Review Report says my manuscript is suitable to be published in the journal, will you guarantee publication?

APublication of the manuscript depends on number of factors and the acceptance/rejection decision lies with the journal. Journals receive several quality papers and they have to choose the best among these papers; hence, only few of them get published even when they have no major issues.

QWill my manuscript be rated on the scale of 1-10 or how?

ARating the manuscript on a numerical scale will not give you a clear picture of the content and the areas of improvement of the manuscript. Our experts will provide you feedback and tell you about the improvement areas the way real reviewers of the journal do. Such feedback will help you revise your manuscript, increasing the chances of acceptance..

QWill the reviewers also provide references from where I can check and revise the manuscript?

ANo, under this service, the reviewers will only provide comments for improving the manuscript content; they will not provide you with additional references.

QI do not agree with your reviewer’s comments. What do I do now?

ANo author is ever in full agreement with the reviewers of their paper. While you do not have to respond to each reviewer’s comment as you would when peer reviewed by a journal, you are welcome to further question our reviewer to understand his or her comments. If you do not agree with a comment, you can send us clarifications and/or further questions, and our reviewer will address them.

QDo your peer reviewers make any changes to the manuscript under this service?

AWe do not make any changes to the text. Our expert reviewer inserts comments in the manuscript and prepares a report to identify issues and provide suggestions. Since such changes involve revisions in content, the changes can only be made by you.

QDo you guarantee publication if you review my paper?

APublication is dependent on a variety of factors. An article may be rejected because it does not match the journal’s scope or may not be of sufficient interest to its readers. Moreover, publication depends largely on the quality and importance of your research. Therefore, we cannot guarantee publication. However, as part of our service, we evaluate such factors for you and help you maximize your chances of publication.

QDo you issue certificate of editing under this service?

ASince in this service, we do not edit your manuscript, we do not issue a certificate of editing. Certificate of editing is issued for our Normal and Advance Editing Services.

QComments from multiple reviewers are contradicting? Why is that so? What do I do?

AThe peer review process at journals is extremely subjective—peer reviewers are experts who evaluate manuscripts based on their knowledge and expertise. Because this process is subjective, journals usually have a minimum of two peer reviewers evaluate the same manuscript. And it is not uncommon for two peer reviewers to give conflicting opinions on the same manuscript.

The same principle applies to our expert reviewers and specialists who review your manuscript. Even though they are experts, their views—like those of a journal’s peer reviewers—are subjective. This is why even after our reviewers review your manuscript; you may receive comments from our reviewers that are not in 100% agreement with each other.

To tackle contradiction, in this situation, we encourage you to use your best judgment. Review all of the reviewer’s comments and then make a decision on how best to proceed from there.

I feel it is very important to take outsider opinion and critical comments to make your manuscript rejection resistant. Hence, I chose the peer-review service offered by them which was excellent. I was surprised by the number and quality of comments that I received. Although I did take some time to incorporate all the suggestions, it was well worth the time! Thanks.

S. S. - Senior ResearcherUtsunomiya University

I was initially scared after I received the peer review report. There were a lot of changes suggested. It felt as if I might have to rewrite a lot. But once I actually made the changes, the result was brilliant. It actually got published in my intended journal!

Professor atJuntendo University

I am very impressed with Enago’s report. All at one place, it gave a lot of insights in improving my paper. Also, one more thing that was great about it was that it was written in simple English so I could understand it very well and I could make most changes suggested.

Professor at Aomori Prefectural University of Health

I am very pleased with the pre-submission review service. The unique and extremely helpful thing about Enago is its professionalism and punctuality! Their report is very informative. It helped me improve my paper by to a great extent.

Senior Researcher atNational Center for Global Health and Medicine

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