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Journal Selection Assistant

Why?Why should I use this service?

One of the most common reasons for manuscript rejection is journal mismatch. Selecting a suitable journal is critical to making sure your paper gets published in an international journal.
Under our Journal Selection Assistant Service, our expert reviewer having extensive experience in peer reviewing and editing for journals from your field of study will help you find 5 journals best suited to your manuscript and preferences, and prepare a detailed report listing over 10 parameters for each journal to help you make the best choice. By submitting to journals that match your study, you can avoid unnecessary rejection.

What?What does Enago do under this service?

Journal Selection:

We ensure that a highly experienced subject expert from your field of study thoroughly examines your manuscript. Our expert reviewer will recommend a list of 5 journals based on the following factors:

  • Scope of study
  • Target journal type (scope, focus, etc.)
  • Urgency to publish
  • Accessibility features (open access, print only, etc.)
  • Type of article
  • Significance of article in its field of specialty
Detailed Report:

We generate a comprehensive report with detailed information on recommended journals (impact factor, frequency of publication, etc.).

Manuscript Review:

The expert reviewer provides vital feedback for your manuscript and provides suggestions to help you improve your paper.
The reviewer provides feedback on:

  • Language of the paper
  • Significance of results
  • Publication readiness in its current state and changes required
  • Manuscript length vis-à-vis the suggested journals
  • Whether all the finding are appropriately stated and backed by substantial evidence
  • Novelty of research

SubmitWhat do I have to submit to Enago?

  • Manuscript

GetWhat are the deliverables from Enago?

  • Journal Selection Report: It lists 5 carefully selected journals with more than 10 parameters for each journal so that you to make the best choice.
Journal Selection Report Sample

The journal expert provides a comprehensive report, providing details for 5 best-suited journals.
View Journal Selection Report Sample

The pricing and turnaround time mentioned below is for one manuscript. In case you need the service to be completed faster, please email us at Our service manager will help you.

Deadline Fee
4 business days 160 USD 200 USD for each manuscript

Below we have listed some commonly asked questions. In case you have any other question/query, do write to us at We will get back to you at the earliest.

Q What is the qualification/expertise of the reviewer who evaluates my manuscript under this service?

AThey will have a Ph.D. in your subject area. All the reviewers are researchers themselves and have published papers of their own. Most importantly, they also have extensive experience working as reviewers for prestigious international journals.

Q How do I choose the desired impact factor?

AIf your priority is to publish your paper as soon as possible, consider journals with a lower impact factor, as it is generally easier to get published in these journals. Top journals tend to have a high impact factor, but their acceptance rate is very low. If you are unsure of the appropriate impact factor for your paper, specify a wide range. Another point to remember is that impact factors vary across disciplines. For example, an impact factor of 2 may be considered high in the field of history but low in medicine. Most journals mention their impact factors on their websites. When browsing through journals, make a note of their impact factor. This will give you an idea of the range of impact factors in your field.

Q Is impact factor the main criterion to consider while selecting journals?

AThe impact factor provides a general estimation of a journal’s prestige. However, the most important consideration for authors is that their research reaches the right audience. Therefore, factors such as scope of the journal, the target readership of the journal, and the visibility of the journal (e.g., whether it is indexed by bibliographic databases) are equally, if not more, important. During journal selection, we take your research and publication priorities into consideration and recommend journals that best suit your requirements.

QDo you provide after sales service? What if I have some queries/doubts?

AYes, we do provide comprehensive after sales service. We suggest you use our free Q&A service to get your queries resolved by your editor. Please email us your queries at

QWhat if I don’t agree/like the journals you have selected?

AIn such cases, kindly let us know your views/reasons for disagreement. We will surely help you with the same.

Q Does Enago guarantee publication in the suggested journals under this service?

ANo, we cannot guarantee publication since the acceptance/rejection decision lies entirely with the journal. Journals receive several quality papers and they have to choose the best among these papers; hence, only few of them get published even when they have no major issues.

My urgency to submit to a journal was very high. I did not what journal to submit to which will accept my paper soon enough. Enago helped my find journals that have fast publication cycles.

Haruka Fujinami - ResearcherUniversity of Toyama

Enago’s journal selection report is very informative and helped me in picking the best journal. All details to make this important decision were given to me. In addition, their customer service was smooth. I will order again!

T. Y. - DoctorHyogo College of Medicine

I was looking for journals that are indexed in SCI, index medicus etc. and that will have high chances of accepting my paper. I would like to thank Enago’s publication support services in assisting me to select the most appropriate Journal for my manuscript. My instructions about the kind of journals I wished to focus on were taken well into consideration by Enago’s reviewer and the ease of the entire process has left me very satisfied. I got published in the journal recommended by Enago. Thank you.

A. O. - ResearcherThe University of Tokyo

Enago helped me find journals where my manuscript had most chances to get accepted. I submitted to the journal that Enago recommended and achieved success. I am happy.

Doctor at Aomori Prefectural Central Hospital

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