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At Enago, we are committed to bridging the gap between research and its publication. We offer Publication Support Services that help researchers at all stages of the publication process and provide comprehensive assistance. Our Publication Support Service menu enables researchers to reach out to their audience in a timely and effective manner.

We have categorized our services into two groups based on their utility in the publication process:

Service Content

 Acceptance Support

Journal Selection Assistant

Based on the subject and urgency for publication, 5 journals best suited to your manuscript are suggested. Explore

Pre-Submission Peer Review

A journal peer reviewer from your field of study will review your manuscript and provide suggestions before submission to the journal. Explore

Revised/Rejected Paper Editing

Two rounds of expert rewriting of your manuscript and phrasing responses to reviewers' comments. Explore

Word Count Reduction

Up to 40% word count reduction to achieve journal compatibility along with formatting and editing. Explore

 Submission Support

Proofreading and Formatting

Thorough proofreading and formatting of the manuscript according to the journal guidelines. Explore

Artwork Editing

Formatting figures and tables to make them journal compatible. Explore

Cover Letter Writing

Professional cover letter to provide your manuscript a lasting first impression. Explore

Manuscript Submission Assistant

Thorough assistance to complete complex journal formalities involved in the submission process on your behalf. Explore

The symbol denotes premium services which drastically reduce the risk of journal rejection. See How

These services are handled by selected few subject experts who have received highest education in master/doctoral courses and plenty of experience in writing their own papers and in performing as peer-reviewers in prominent international journals. Explore

See how each service helps avoid journal rejection

Our Publication Support Services are tailor-made to reduce the chances of journal rejection drastically so that you can save your valuable time and effort. See below how 12 major reasons of rejection can be avoided by choosing appropriate services.

Chart: 12 major reasons of journal rejection

Chart: Reasons for journal rejection

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