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Enago is a leading provider of author services in Japan and Southeast Asia. Our editorial team consists of over 450 highly qualified telecommute editors and over 100 in-house editors, well versed with scholarly writing and publishing formats. All our editors undergo intensive training programs to master editing and styling requirements of scientific journals. Our vast experience and knowledge in the field of academic publishing makes us an ideal editorial partner for journals and publishing houses looking to cut on their production costs. Some of the ways in which we can assist you are presented below. Please contact us for specific requirements and to find out the rates that we can offer based on your business needs.

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Journal editors or peer reviewers often find themselves recommending editorial services to authors whose manuscripts have been rejected because of poor language quality. With Enago as your partner, you can focus on core tasks like content acquisition and distribution, while we handle the editing of manuscripts for ESL authors. Only after we are certain of the language quality of the manuscript will we provide a Certificate of Editing, which the author can later submit along with other submission material.

Language Polishing is also ideal for translation companies looking for a language partner to improve the quality of English of the translated documents.

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Enago can be the offshore editorial partner for your STM publishing needs. As an extension of your in-house editorial department, we can

  • Copyedit manuscripts from all subject areas: Biomedical, Earth Sciences, IT, Humanities, and Social Sciences
  • Copyedit material according to the house style and as per the desired levels
  • Exercise editorial judgement in the absence of style guidelines
  • Develop detailed stylesheets and editorial guides from printed journal issues
  • Format references, citations, tables, and figures as per specifications

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Enago’s core strength is the ability to integrate technology with domain expertise to offer solutions that are time and cost efficient. INSTACoverLetter™ and our Journal Selection Assistant (Patent Pending) are examples of Enago’s innovation in the field of scholarly editing and publishing. We understand that automation is critical for easing production pressures on editorial departments. For this, we can

  • Develop automated tools for standard process flows
  • Develop automated tools for standard corrections allowing editors to focus on content
  • Customize XML tagging tools to match house style
  • Automate insertion of standard comments to authors, thereby reducing errors in correspondence with author

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This service is designed to improve the efficiency in scholarly publishing and involves an initial review of the quality of research and the quality of the article before commencement of the peer review cycle by the journal. Our reviewers can provide ratings and comments in the following categories depending on your requirements: Quality of Research, Quality of Article, Manuscript Development, and Journal Suitability.

We can customize the reviewer’s checklist depending on your requirements. For example, some journals would like us to only judge the quality of the article, while others would also like us to also judge the quality of research, or perhaps only the appropriateness of the references.

The selection of the reviewer and the costs would be associated with the complexity of the checkpoints. Please note that this service is a suggested addition to traditional blind post-submission peer review, not a replacement. While this will not eliminate the need for subsequent peer review, it should improve the quality of work going to a reviewer, reducing the subsequent workload for copyeditors and peer reviewers.

Please contact us for specific requirements and to find out the rates that we can offer based on your business needs.

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Unlimited editing up to 1 year under Substantive Editing, and 60 days under Copyediting (Double Check).
How are our editors different?
Enago’s objective is to ensure that your paper gets accepted in your desired journal. Hence, we believe it is absolutely imperative that the Editor assigned to your paper is chosen with utmost care.

From the outset, Enago has fostered the belief that the ability of speaking native English is not the only requirement for editing academic papers.“Quality” editing is the result of years of experience in writing, editing, and reviewing papers in specialized subject areas. Keeping this in mind, Enago employs only professional Editors with a minimum 5 years of academic editing experience. Today, the average number of years of experience of our Editors is 19.4 years.

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The vast experience of our editors and stringent quality-driven processes enable us to offer expert academic editing in the disciplines of Medicine, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering, Economics, Business, Management, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.


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Marcelo Ricardo Vicari, Brazil

Author Review: published biomedical papers, submit to journalEnago makes non native speakers of English to feel more confident when submitting a paper to English or American journals. My paper is in analysis for publication in a highly competitive journal after having used Enago’s English editing services. I am very satisfied with the overall editing quality and the editor made necessary changes without influencing my original thoughts. Thank you team Enago! Soon I hope to use the Enago services again.

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  • Enago is the flagship brand of Crimson Interactive and a leading provider of English Editing and English proofreading services for ESL authors. We have a large presence in Japan, China, and Taiwan and are continually expanding in Europe and the Middle East. Enago has one of the largest and most experienced editing teams in the world, with over 450 qualified editors covering an extensive range of subject areas.
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