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Innovation At Enago

At Enago, we believe in utilizing technology to further our goal of being the preferred STM editing company in Asia and around the world. By interpreting the needs of our clients, we introduced small changes in our systems and processes that had a big impact on our ability to delight clients. Most of our innovations have also had a substantial industry-wide impact, with parallel agencies adopting similar models. Our clients have loved and appreciated our efforts at innovation in the field of scientific editing & scientific proofreading. And they continue to serve as the inspiration for our future innovations.

The culture of innovation, commitment to quality and drive to excellence has given Crimson the Red Herring award for the Top 100 companies in the Asia-Pacific region for 2010. Crimson outperformed competition in the academic editing industry by virtue of being the first to initiate several novel systems and processes. These have not only gained acceptance as industry standards, but have also subsequently been duplicated by other companies.

Enago has a long list of firsts to its credit. Some of the key milestones are listed below:

Enago Editing Innovation: editing services, proofreading services English Editing of Scientific Manuscripts English Editing of Scientific Manuscripts English Editing of Scientific Manuscripts English Editing of Scientific Manuscripts English Editing of Scientific Manuscripts English Editing of Scientific Manuscripts English Editing of Scientific Manuscripts English Editing of Scientific Manuscripts English Editing of Scientific Manuscripts English Editing of Scientific Manuscripts English Editing of Scientific Manuscripts English Editing of Scientific Manuscripts English Editing of Scientific Manuscripts

*2008 was the “Year of the Employee” where we worked on our HR systems and initiatives.

Journal Selection Tool (October 2009)

We have created a tool to help authors select a journal in which they stand the maximum chance of getting published. This tool is currently in its development stage and its patent is pending. The tool will house a database of over 20,000 international peer-reviewed journals.

InstaCoverLetter™ (May 2009)

Almost all journals expect a cover letter along with submitted manuscripts, and most cover letters have a standard format. To help researchers submit on time, we automated the process of writing a cover letter. By entering basic information about themselves and their research, authors can instantly get a cover letter. InstaCoverLetter™ is not exclusive to our clients. It is a service freely available on our website for all to use because Enago believes in promoting research and researchers from all across the world!

Advanced Manuscript Rate Card™ (MRC™) (October 2008)

With the growing demand of our substantive editing service, it was natural to offer a more detailed analysis of the manuscript quality and its suitability for publication. Our best editors have worked on forming a report that is both informative and concise and gives authors a good idea of the status of their manuscript.

Extended Business Hours (October 2007)

Schedule or turnaround time is a critical factor in editing. Clients often had to adjust their submission schedules to accommodate our editing process. We wanted to be there for our clients as much as possible, so we extended our business hours to 12 hours a day. In fact, on most days, we are open for 16 hours.

PDF to Word Editing, Direct TeX Editing (July 2007)

Reading and incorporating changes marked on a PDF manuscript was cumbersome for clients, and also time consuming. We built a system to convert PDF documents into MS WORD that retained the original formatting. A simple but very useful solution! We also started “direct TeX editing,” where we receive TeX files and deliver the edited documents in the same format. Direct TeX editing is useful for theses that include many complicated formulae and symbols in the subject areas of physics, engineering, mathematics, and economics.

Manuscript Rate Card™ (MRC™) (June 2007)

Our clients always looked to us for feedback on their manuscripts. This need prompted us to send out a summary of the editors’ impressions of the manuscripts, termed as Manuscript Rate Card. The success of this initiative has prompted other companies to offer similar services.

Last Minute Service (March 2007)

Initially, it was difficult to accept large manuscripts for shorter schedules. To overcome this limitation, we ramped up our production capacity to include many editors from different time zones. Today we have a system where we can accept any number of words for editing in almost any time frame. Our editors work round-the-clock and this helps us maintain flexibility along with quality for clients who are in a hurry to submit their manuscripts

Enago Tags™ (July 2006)

Every editor knows the importance of corresponding with authors. As a company that specializes in editing manuscripts by ESL researchers, we realized that our long explanations may not be easy for our clients to understand. Our editors came up with the innovative idea of inserting comments/explanations in the author’s native language. And thus was born Enago Tags™.

EQMS (July 2006)

Although editing companies guarantee quality, none of them shared their quality assessment process. Enago was the first to formalize a quality system and share it with its clients. Our clients appreciated the transparency, encouraging us to further improve our system.

Autoquote (May 2006)

Confidentiality is vital for research, yet most authors would need to submit their manuscripts to at least 2 to 3 editing companies for an estimate of editing fees. And they also had to wait for almost 24 hours for a reply! We wanted to eliminate this threat to confidentiality. So we developed an automatic quotation tool that offers clients an estimate within a few seconds. It was hugely successful and today has become the industry norm.

ISO Certification (May 2006)

Enago was the first editing company to acquire the ISO 9001:2000 certification in May 2006. Today, we are ISO 9001:2008 certified. The certification ensures that our processes and systems are geared towards delivering the highest quality in our English language editing and ESL editing services. It also ensures that we consistently strive to improve our standards.

Twin Editor Model (March 2006)

Editing research documents requires language skills and subject area knowledge. Our analysis and experience showed that two subject experts working on the same manuscript produced the best quality in a reasonable timeframe. To increase our base of specialist editors, we recruited experienced freelancers along with quality-focused domestic editors. Our twin editor model is at the core of our commitment to quality and excellence.

Unlimited editing up to 1 year under Substantive Editing, and 60 days under Copyediting (Double Check).
How are our editors different?
Enago’s objective is to ensure that your paper gets accepted in your desired journal. Hence, we believe it is absolutely imperative that the Editor assigned to your paper is chosen with utmost care.

From the outset, Enago has fostered the belief that the ability of speaking native English is not the only requirement for editing academic papers.“Quality” editing is the result of years of experience in writing, editing, and reviewing papers in specialized subject areas. Keeping this in mind, Enago employs only professional Editors with a minimum 5 years of academic editing experience. Today, the average number of years of experience of our Editors is 19.4 years.

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The vast experience of our editors and stringent quality-driven processes enable us to offer expert academic editing in the disciplines of Medicine, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering, Economics, Business, Management, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.


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Marcelo Ricardo Vicari, Brazil

Author Review: published biomedical papers, submit to journalEnago makes non native speakers of English to feel more confident when submitting a paper to English or American journals. My paper is in analysis for publication in a highly competitive journal after having used Enago’s English editing services. I am very satisfied with the overall editing quality and the editor made necessary changes without influencing my original thoughts. Thank you team Enago! Soon I hope to use the Enago services again.

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  • Enago is the flagship brand of Crimson Interactive and a leading provider of English Editing and English proofreading services for ESL authors. We have a large presence in Japan, China, and Taiwan and are continually expanding in Europe and the Middle East. Enago has one of the largest and most experienced editing teams in the world, with over 450 qualified editors covering an extensive range of subject areas.
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