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The Enago Advantage

Enago advantage: manuscript editing advantage, scientific editingEnago’s systems and processes have been developed to address the editing needs of authors and the publishing demands of journals. Enago is able to strike a balance between these two worlds by maximizing quality and efficiency and reducing the total cost of publication. Our “ESL expertise” is another factor that sets us apart from other editing companies.


  • No manuscript leaves Enago without a quality check
  • Editing Quality Management System based on well-known QA models
  • Every editor undergoes an intensive training program
  • Enago guarantees its quality
  • Round-the-clock editing with editors in different time zones
  • Can handle high volumes within short turnaround times
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification
  • Automated Processes
  • Attractive pricing
  • Free complementary services
  • Volume-based discounts
ESL Expertise
  • A first of its kind publication highlighting the English language challenges faced by 11 top-notch Japanese researchers
  • Editors with over 10 years experience who can "decode" ESL writing
  • Intuitive tools to help ESL authors publish faster, e.g., MRC™, INSTACoverLetter™, and EnagoTags™


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Unlimited editing up to 1 year under Substantive Editing, and 60 days under Copyediting (Double Check).
How are our editors different?
Enago’s objective is to ensure that your paper gets accepted in your desired journal. Hence, we believe it is absolutely imperative that the Editor assigned to your paper is chosen with utmost care.

From the outset, Enago has fostered the belief that the ability of speaking native English is not the only requirement for editing academic papers.“Quality” editing is the result of years of experience in writing, editing, and reviewing papers in specialized subject areas. Keeping this in mind, Enago employs only professional Editors with a minimum 5 years of academic editing experience. Today, the average number of years of experience of our Editors is 19.4 years.

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Subject Areas

The vast experience of our editors and stringent quality-driven processes enable us to offer expert academic editing in the disciplines of Medicine, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering, Economics, Business, Management, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.


What our clients say...

  • Enago is the flagship brand of Crimson Interactive and a leading provider of English Editing and English proofreading services for ESL authors. We have a large presence in Japan, China, and Taiwan and are continually expanding in Europe and the Middle East. Enago has one of the largest and most experienced editing teams in the world, with over 450 qualified editors covering an extensive range of subject areas.
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