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Manuscript Insurance (MI) is a feature offered for free by Enago when you opt for the Substantive Editing service. Under this feature, you can get your manuscript edited by us unlimited number of times, absolutely free of charge. The MI feature is valid for 1 year from the procurement of the service.

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Author–Editor Q&A allows authors to consult our editors for advice related to their edited manuscripts. Through this service, authors who want to clarify ambiguous text, perhaps indicated by the editor, can seek alternative suggestions or have their last-minute revisions checked by the editor before submission.


Q: Within how many days should I write to the editor?
You can ask questions or seek clarifications anytime after receiving the edited document. There is no "expiry date" for this service.
Q: Is this service free?
Yes. There is no limit on the number of questions or the number of times you can write to the editor.
Q: What kind of questions can I ask?
You can ask questions related to your manuscript or to the edit. We usually do not answer questions which require us to explain grammar unless such an explanation is essential in the context of an edit.
Q: Who will answer the questions?
The two editors who have worked on your manuscript will answer the questions.
Q: Should I e-mail my questions?
Please login in to your online account, enter your questions/comments in the Question Form, and send it to us.
Q: How long do you take to answer?
Delivery time depends on number of questions, their nature, and the editors’ availability. We do, however, try to reply within 2 days

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Under Re-editing, we perform a second round of editing on a manuscript initially edited by Enago. This service is primarily for authors who revise or rework sections of their paper in response to editorial comments in the first round. The entire manuscript should be sent for editing and not just the changed parts OR the revised word count should be within 30% of the previous word count.


Proofreading Not Applicable
(Single Check)
Not Applicable
(Double Check)
Substantive Editing 30%


For an accurate pricing and delivery time for your manuscript, please fill out the quotation form below
and we shall get back to you within 1 hour.


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Formatting as per the target journal’s guidelines is an extremely important step for successful submission to the journal. This service is offered for free under our Normal Editing and Advance Editing services. Under Formatting, we will take care of important points such as margin setting, page and line numbering (e.g., pages should be numbered serially at the bottom right side of each page), line spacing, columns, paragraph indentations, font size/style, bullets and numbering, heading styles, template application, and section numbering. Apart from this, we ensure specific formatting requirements are adhered to. For example, section-specific instructions (e.g., some journals might specify the format in which author names and affiliations should be written on the Title Page) and language style-related changes. We also cover the application of style guide (e.g., APA, MLA, and CMoS) as well as application of formatting templates, if any, provided the journal.

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Manuscript Rate Card™ (MRC™) is an evaluation report of the original manuscript provided by the editor working on it. The key strength of this report is the editor’s assessment of the publication potential of your manuscript.

Our MRC™ addresses the following parameters:

Strengths and Focus Areas: Our editors rate manuscripts on the different crucial parameters of an academic document like language, grammar, and academic writing style. They also identify sections or writing aspects that authors should focus on.

Writing Tips: We provide short tips on English or academic writing style that will help you further develop your writing skills for future manuscripts. We also recommend useful resources (websites and books) to help you enhance your skills.

Publishing potential: Can you submit your manuscript or does it need reworking? After editing, our experts will be able to identify how ready the manuscript is for publication.

You can opt for this report at no extra cost! Please contact us if you wish to see some samples of our MRC™.

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Journals and publishing houses expect a cover letter along with most submissions. A cover letter is actually the first document that a journal editor reads, and it is very important for the letter to be well-written and informative. However, it has been noted that while authors invest a lot of time and effort in their manuscript, they generally tend to ignore the information included in the cover letter.

After analyzing cover letter requirements specified by journals, Enago has developed an online tool — InstaCoverLetter™. Once you enter your manuscript details, the tool will within a few seconds generate a cover letter. InstaCoverLetter™ constitutes an example of Enago’s intelligent innovations that combine expertise and technology effectively to offer authors optimal publishing assistance.


Initial Submission INSTACoverLetter™
Use this format when first contacting your target journal for manuscript submission. It is designed to capture all the basic information of your manuscript, like a brief summary, the significance of your study, purpose of submission to the target journal, etc.
Re-submission Template Cover Letter
Further, many manuscripts are not accepted on initial submission, and have to be revised and resubmitted following one or several rounds of peer review. As a part of resubmission, these peer-reviewed journals generally require a cover letter with the authors’ rebuttal, followed by point-by-point responses to the reviewers’ questions. We can help you write this cover letter!
Please contact us if you wish to avail of this service.


You can opt for Initial Submission INSTACoverLetter™ and Re-submission template cover letter at no extra cost!

Important: If you would like a customized cover letter for high impact journals like Nature, Applied Physical Letters, and Lancet, please contact us.

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A number of journals request a certificate of editing at the time of manuscript submission. This certificate is useful especially for non-native English-speaking authors, because some journals insist on a Certificate of Editing which states that the paper is edited by native professional editors, and may include a standard recommendation for English editing by native professional editors in the absence of one. We provide such certificates on request of authors availing of our Copyediting (Double Check) and Substantive Editing Services. The authors, however, should not make further changes to the manuscript before submission. Please use either Author–Editor Q&A or Re-editing, depending on the extent of changes, so that the editor can check the revised sections.

A number of journals request a certificate of editing at the time of manuscript submission. We provide such a certificate on request from the client for our Copyediting and Substantive Editing Services. The authors, however, should be careful about not making further changes to the manuscript before submission. Please either use Author–Editor Q&A or Re-editing for checking the changed parts.



Most authors find it difficult to write with a specific character, word, or page count in mind. Our Word Reduction Service allows authors to focus on their research while our experienced editors attempt to shorten the text to fit the journal’s specifications. All you have to do is request for the Word Count Reduction Service and specify the journal that you wish to submit to.

Up to 10% of word count reduction is free with the Copyediting Service and up to 20% is free with Substantive Editing.

For Word Count Reduction of more than 20%, please contact us to use our Word Count Reduction Service.

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For an accurate pricing and delivery time for your manuscript, please fill out the quotation form below
and we shall get back to you within 1 hour.


Unlimited editing up to 1 year under Substantive Editing, and 60 days under Copyediting (Double Check).
How are our editors different?
Enago’s objective is to ensure that your paper gets accepted in your desired journal. Hence, we believe it is absolutely imperative that the Editor assigned to your paper is chosen with utmost care.

From the outset, Enago has fostered the belief that the ability of speaking native English is not the only requirement for editing academic papers.“Quality” editing is the result of years of experience in writing, editing, and reviewing papers in specialized subject areas. Keeping this in mind, Enago employs only professional Editors with a minimum 5 years of academic editing experience. Today, the average number of years of experience of our Editors is 19.4 years.

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The vast experience of our editors and stringent quality-driven processes enable us to offer expert academic editing in the disciplines of Medicine, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering, Economics, Business, Management, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.


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Marcelo Ricardo Vicari, Brazil

Author Review: published biomedical papers, submit to journalEnago makes non native speakers of English to feel more confident when submitting a paper to English or American journals. My paper is in analysis for publication in a highly competitive journal after having used Enago’s English editing services. I am very satisfied with the overall editing quality and the editor made necessary changes without influencing my original thoughts. Thank you team Enago! Soon I hope to use the Enago services again.

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