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10 September 2014  |  Posted in Impact of article, Open Access  |  Comment on this post »

“Megajournal” is a popular buzzword for a certain type of journal, employed mainly by publishers in the online, open access field. Megajournals contain articles from a wide variety of disciplines; they are a potpourri of many subjects, not a narrow slice of a big area. They are the opposite of specialty journals. Promoters of the term megajournal usually also tout quick response times, rapid publication, and open access to readers free of charge.

Megajournals: New Concept or Old Hat?
Really, megajournals are nothing new. Nature is a megajournal, so is Science, and the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS).

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25 April 2014  |  Posted in Open Access, Publication  |  Comment on this post »

Unlike private sector businesses, which may prefer to keep knowledge a trade secret, academic institutions have as their goal the free dissemination of all original research. This ideal is compromised by publishing houses which would rather keep published papers under their control, restricting access to readers who pay for subscription or charging authors for open access publication. Wouldn’t it be great if every article published were also available somewhere on the internet, stored in a repository that could be accessed by anyone, anytime, free of charge?

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19 March 2014  |  Posted in Open Access, Publication  |  Comment on this post »

Open access publishing is the dream of every researcher: to publish papers that are instantly accessible to everyone and for free. There are now two versions of this dream.

The Gold Standard
In the “gold” model of open access the author pays the journal a fee for the privilege of open access. This fee may be as little as $150 or as steep as $3000. The high end is beyond the budget of many researchers or institutions for routine publishing.

Green is Growing
The “green” model allows an author to post a version of a paper in a repository accessible from the internet.

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These are hard times for the print media. Newspapers and magazine subscriptions are declining and a number of publications have folded or cut back on their offerings. No wonder. Why pay money to get a newspaper delivered to your door step when you can read the same news on your laptop, and for free?
Will the same trend of online publication sweep up scientific publications? Although the major journals are making gestures at an online presence, they still rely primarily on paper and ink and restrict print or online articles to those who will pay to read them.

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22 September 2010  |  Posted in Choice of journal, Impact of article  |  1 Comment »
The Open Access approach is on the whole complementary to traditional publishing. It utilizes both new technological developments and their wide proliferation to ease the publication process for authors, and the availability of research material to society in general.
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