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Why You Need An H-Index
As an academic researcher, the quality of your research publications has traditionally been measured by the prestige of the journals in which your work has been published. The prestige or impact of those journals is usually measured by tracking the average number of citations that articles published in those journals receive over a two-year period.

The impact factor, or rating of that journal thus has a commonly accepted metric to substantiate a broader industry acknowledgment that the journal qualifies as being ‘prestigious.’

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09 September 2014  |  Posted in Impact of article, RESEARCH WRITING  |  Comment on this post »

Most of the commonly used measures of a research paper’s importance rely on counting citations to the paper. Altmetric (derived from Article Level Metrics) is an alternative ranking algorithm that expands on this measure and includes many other indicators. Its use is controversial and some disparage it as the worst sort of popularity contest with no relevance to the real scientific importance of an article. However, I feel that Altmetric is a useful tool for many researchers and should not be ignored.

How Altmetric Measures a Paper’s Worth
Like impact factor, Altmetric uses number of citations in its calculation.

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30 July 2014  |  Posted in Choice of journal, Impact of article  |  Comment on this post »

How topical and important are articles published in journal? Which journals should a researcher skim through if he wants to keep up with new and exciting research? One measure that attempts to quantify this is immediacy index of journals.

Immediacy Index: How it is Calculated
Immediacy index and journal impact factor (IF) are both calculated by the Institute for Scientific Information and in much the same way: for a certain publication time range, the total citations of a journal’s papers during one year is divided by the number of papers. This gives an average number of citations per paper for the year in question.

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02 June 2014  |  Posted in Impact of article, Publication  |  1 Comment »

Whether you like it or hate it you can’t ignore impact factor (IF). Touted by its supporters as a measure of how important a journal is within it field, IF is basically a measure of the average number of citations to an article published in the journal. There are many criticisms of IF—it encourages gaming the system with frivolous citation, bad articles may be highly cited, etc.—but it is widely regarded as at least a rough guide for how much exposure a journal will give an author. Although I agree that the calculation of IF is flawed, the principle behind it has some validity—an author ought to publish in journals that will give the widest exposure to the intended audience.

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16 April 2014  |  Posted in Impact of article, Publication  |  2 Comments »
high impact factor journal

The relative importance of most academic journals is measured by what’s called their “impact factor,” or IF. Impact factor in an academic measure is simply a measure that reflects the average number citations made in various media, online and academic journals and similar publications to recent articles published in the subject journal. Essentially, an academic journal with a high IF is one that many publications and expert cite. Academic journals possessing a high impact factor are deemed more important, and thus deserving of more attention and consideration, than journals having lower impact factors.

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