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13 July 2015  |  Posted in Language, RESEARCH PUBLISHING, Review Criteria  |  Comment on this post »
Check mistakes before article submission

You’re about to send your first journal article into the editor. You’ve done your research and you know you’ve done it well. You know your research and conclusions are new and innovative. You’re ready to share your work publicly.  These are, of course, imperative to having your article accepted for publication. But they aren’t enough. Make sure you attend to the following three steps to give yourself the best shot at acceptance.

1.     Be Familiar With The Journal
This is not just making sure your article topic is related to the subject matter that the journal typically handles (although that’s very important too). 

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13 June 2014  |  Posted in Presentation aspects, Review Criteria  |  Comment on this post »

No matter how well a researcher knows the material, rehearsals are important to ensure a smooth delivery of a presentation. Actors rehearse, singers rehearse, and so should scientists. All the necessary information may be in your mind, but getting it out and turning it into words that others can understand takes practice. Professional dancers talk about the importance of “muscle memory,” the smooth performance of a routine that only comes by repeating the steps again and again. This same concept applies to verbal performances. Here are some tips for getting the most out of presentation rehearsals.

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06 June 2014  |  Posted in Presentation aspects, Review Criteria  |  Comment on this post »

Filler words, those ums, ahs, and you knows that pepper so many speeches, can be more than dead space—they can be deadly. If too frequent, they can distract listeners to the point that they don’t hear anything you say. Your message is lost. Fortunately, filler words can be trimmed from speeches. Here are some ways to do it.

Silence is golden
Many speakers are afraid of pauses. They feel that their audience will think a speaker is inarticulate if there are pauses during a speech, so they use filler words to fill the silence. In fact, a pause is more impressive than a filler word.

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05 August 2013  |  Posted in Choice of journal, Rejection, Review Criteria  |  Comment on this post »

It’s every professor’s nightmare. At the end of a project, he and his graduate student write up the results of the research, and submit the paper. The journal editor promptly responds that they have already received and accepted a paper on a closely related topic. In light of this development, the editor is doubtful that the journal should publish their paper. The professor is distraught, and the graduate student still more so. Have his years of his work been for naught? Certainly not. Although being scooped will take some of the sheen off the paper, it should and can be published.

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17 November 2010  |  Posted in Review Criteria  |  2 Comments »
The conventional approach to peer review involves evaluation of an article by one or more among a panel of recognized experts in the field who are nominated by the editorial board of the journal. Alternative strategies are being explored to improve on the existing processes. Some of the new approaches to peer review, which are geared towards improving traditional methods, are described.
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