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30 May 2014  |  Posted in Publication, Rejection  |  Comment on this post »

Authors are understandably excited about the results of their research and aren’t always modest about trumpeting it. A finding is often described as novel, unique, the first such example ever published. Results may not be merely interesting, but remarkable, intriguing, unprecedented. Words alone may fail to do justice to the occasion so extra emphasis is added by italics and exclamation marks: the first example of –––! Although this tendency is understandable it’s not good form. Whenever you find yourself writing purple prose, resist the urge and stick to black and white.

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05 August 2013  |  Posted in Choice of journal, Rejection, Review Criteria  |  Comment on this post »

It’s every professor’s nightmare. At the end of a project, he and his graduate student write up the results of the research, and submit the paper. The journal editor promptly responds that they have already received and accepted a paper on a closely related topic. In light of this development, the editor is doubtful that the journal should publish their paper. The professor is distraught, and the graduate student still more so. Have his years of his work been for naught? Certainly not. Although being scooped will take some of the sheen off the paper, it should and can be published.

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03 November 2010  |  Posted in Rejection, Review Criteria  |  3 Comments »
A fact that is not very widely known or universally accepted by authors is that manuscripts may be rejected without the due and expected peer review process. While manuscripts have to go through the peer review process in order to be published, they can be rejected without peer review. For high-impact, general science journals, the majority of submitted papers may be rejected in this manner.
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13 October 2010  |  Posted in Rejection, Review Criteria  |  Comment on this post »
In evaluating a manuscript submitted for publication in a journal, a peer reviewer takes into account many factors. The primary considerations related to quality, originality and presentation are listed in the attached presentation. Based on these, suggestions are outlined, which would minimize the possibility of rejection.
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11 October 2010  |  Posted in Journal requirements, Rejection  |  Comment on this post »
Researchers usually dread the prospect of having their manuscript rejected when it is submitted for publication, since it represents a big setback to their endeavors. There are myriad reasons for this, and it is essential to understand the fundamental considerations involved in maximizing the probability of acceptance. This post outlines the journal requirements and research aspects with relevant data.
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