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13 August 2014  |  Posted in Choice of journal, Journal requirements  |  4 Comments »

The fact that scholarly journals have become such a big business in the so called Information Age is still an irony for plenty of us. Nowadays, when the Internet must have reduced the costs and efforts of sharing knowledge, some publisher companies rise as giants, selling content for a high price that few can afford.

Often considered disloyal competition, this business has obvious effects on researchers. Many don’t have access to sources, while only wealthy universities and research centers can afford it. Therefore, scholarly journals’ publishers are sometimes pointed to be enemies of the evolution of science and development.

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One basic element of publication ethics requires that an author give proper credit to those who contributed to the research. There are two ways to violate this guideline: not giving enough credit and giving too much credit.

Too little credit:
Researchers are often accused of claiming more credit than they deserve for a notable research result. Claiming a breakthrough without acknowledging previous work leading up to it is quite common in the history of science and has led to some famous controversies over priority. In fact, Lavoisier may not have been the “Father of Chemistry” so much as the gifted pupil of several other researchers.

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08 November 2010  |  Posted in Journal requirements, Text formatting  |  1 Comment »
Authors are required to follow prescribed writing styles, formats and guidelines mandated by a research journal when submitting articles for publication. This is to ensure that an article is consistent with the language and presentation quality characteristic to that journal. The first step in preparing an article for publication is to check the requirements specified by the chosen journal.
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11 October 2010  |  Posted in Journal requirements, Rejection  |  Comment on this post »
Researchers usually dread the prospect of having their manuscript rejected when it is submitted for publication, since it represents a big setback to their endeavors. There are myriad reasons for this, and it is essential to understand the fundamental considerations involved in maximizing the probability of acceptance. This post outlines the journal requirements and research aspects with relevant data.
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15 September 2010  |  Posted in Choice of journal, Journal requirements  |  Comment on this post »
The first consideration should be to look at the pros and cons of open-access publishing unique to your situation. You can locate the appropriate journal by consulting your peers or by browsing through the Directory of Open Access Journals, or similar listings.
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