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Have A Clear Sense Of Purpose
When you write a research paper, many of your choices will be influenced and eventually governed by your inherent purpose.

This includes your choice of journal. For example, if you are co-authoring a paper with your dissertation supervisor, it’s unlikely that Open Access will be of interest to your professor. On the assumption that he or she has a track record of publications, listen carefully and follow instructions!

And if this is your first step on the road to a track record of publications, there are some fundamental rules and procedures to follow:

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first rejection

Rejected? Huh! Thanks, But No Thanks
As a new researcher, eager to build a track record and climb the academic rank ladder, the receipt of a formal rejection notice from an academic journal can be devastating.

You look back on all the hours you put into writing, editing and formatting the article and immediately dismiss them as a complete waste of time. You then start planning how to notify your colleagues and begin looking for job opportunities on the most remote research stations on the planet.

Alternatively, you may subscribe to the more aggressive model of: “the best defense is a good offense,” and dismiss the journal reviewers as uneducated philistines who simply did not recognize the genius of your work.

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transparency in peer review

The Gold Standard Of Anonymity!
The anonymity of the peer review process has always been regarded as a key tenet of the quality and integrity of academic publishing. The freedom to comment openly and without fear of retribution, it is argued, frees reviewers from the potential bias of peer pressure. It also limits the extent to which ego can directly impact the feedback being given.

The review, after all, should be about the research, not the reviewer, and a review environment in which participants can converse with candor, benefits everyone.

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journal acceptance rate

What is Journal Acceptance Rate?
When researchers look to select a journal to which they submit their paper for publication, they typically evaluate journals based on the impact factor.

Journal editors and editorial boards will also track an internal measure of the acceptance or rejection rates of the papers submitted over one year. The precise interpretation of the journal acceptance rate can vary from one journal to the next. For example, some may use the total number of manuscripts received as the base for the percentage calculation, whereas others will only count the reviewed manuscripts as the base number.

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07 November 2014  |  Posted in Journal requirements, Research Integrity  |  Comment on this post »

It is widely held in the field of scientific research that too many articles are being published: that many research papers are cranked out mainly to pad their author’s resumes, who focus on quantity, not quality. While no doubt this has always been true, there is some evidence that the problem is getting worse. According to a recent study the growth rate in scientific publications was 2–3% per year in the period 1919-1939, but has now reached a growth rate of 8–9%. The current rate corresponds to more than doubling the number of scientific publications every ten years, which does seem a lot higher than the increase in the number of scientists doing research.

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