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15 February 2013  |  Posted in General  |  Comment on this post »

According to legend there was once a time when all people lived in a land called Babel and spoke the same language. Because of their arrogance they were punished by having their speech confused, and they scattered and dispersed into the thousands of mutually unintelligible tongues of today.

Throughout history there always seems to have been a default language for the convenience of international diplomacy and commerce. Greek once served this role in the ancient Mediterranean until it was displaced by the Latin of the expanding Roman Empire. Latin held sway throughout Europe until the Renaissance when the growing power and enviable culture of France made French the language of the ambitious and the trendy.

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09 January 2013  |  Posted in General  |  1 Comment »

The English language has always been a promiscuous borrower of words from other countries, and in scientific writing Latin is one of the most common sources. Standard publishing style italicizes foreign words but when a Latin loan word has been used long enough it becomes a naturalized citizen of the English language and is printed like any other word. Examples include such commonly used terms as ab initio, et al., in situ, in vitro, and of course, vs. None of these terms should be italicized, according to the American Chemical Society Style Guide, and most other publishers agree.

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18 December 2012  |  Posted in General, Impact of article  |  Comment on this post »
Does IF measure the impact of a paper? Or does it measure the “buzz” created by a sensational find, which may be overblown? There are also possibilities of abuse from editors and authors who have found ways to game the system to publish papers that generate high levels of citations.
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01 November 2012  |  Posted in General  |  Comment on this post »

Thinking about age-old problems in unconventional ways stimulates the brain and provides a fresh perspective to solve these problems. We recently came across a fascinating book by Dan Correnti, appropriately titled “New Physics Framework.” The book provides new models for the atomic particles and photons, and explains observed physical phenomena on the basis of the models. We thought the book would be beneficial to the scientists visiting our site. Hence, we decided to get it reviewed by one of our experienced physics peer reviewer. We hope that the review presented below is useful to you.

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15 October 2010  |  Posted in General, Scientific conventions  |  2 Comments »
Accuracy or precision is probably the most critical characteristic of measured or collected data. The nature of conclusions derived from the data, and eventually the quality of the work is determined by the extent of precision in both measurements and analyses. This post describes some of the sources of error (both random and systematic), how these can be isolated, and the statistical distributions used to characterize them.
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